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Hello everyone--
I'm am going to buy a DCanon soon, probably the 20D. I just wanted to hear all of your opinions on whether or not the $1000 (appox) upgrade to the Canon 5D is worth the money. Are there automatic differences seen (beside MPs)? From just comparing pictures of the two DSLRs, I don't see a major difference. Does someone have one of these cameras that really likes or dislikes something about it? I really need every dollar to count (even if that means spending more).

Thanks so much for your input.

--p.s.--is it true that Canon is the only company that has their 35mm SLR lenses fit on the DSLRs? I have the orig. Rebel, so won't the lenses that I have for that fit on a 20D? Just curious (well--it be would be very nice if that were true).

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First off, most major DSLR makers cameras can also take film (35mm) lenses. I say most because of the 4/3'rd based DSLRs don't have 35mm lenses for them... it is a system that was designed up with the digital sensor (no film camera exists for those lenses.) So Canon, Nikon and others all work the same way. You can buy a lens for a film camera and put it on the DSLR. Assuming the mount is compatable and its a relatively modern lens it will work perfectly.

The differences between the 5D and the 20D are not that simple.
What type of photography do you do? What subjects? What type of lighting?

The differences are more subtle (in some ways) and more obvious in others. We can talk about how those apply to what you will photograph.


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I have used the 20D for a couple of years and still love it now. The quality is superb and the "basic-ness" of the functions suits me down to the ground. I did, however, upgrade to the 1d mkii for weddings and sports for which it is fantastic, but the quality does not match the 20D in some situations. There is more noise at higher ISO´s and underexposed areas for example.

Then 2 days ago I received the 5D from Hong Kong and took it out all day yesterday....Wow, what a camera.

I love the fact that it has retained its simplicity of use but the glaringly obvious things between the 5d and 20d are these

  • Beeeeautiful large screen viewable from any angle. [/*]
  • More megapixels meaning ability to crop more without losing too much detail, and submit to large stock agencies with minimal interpolation (such as Alamy). [/*]
  • Lovely quiet shutter which is great for wedding interiors. [/*]
  • The same lack of noise as the 20d, maybe a bit less even. [/*]
  • Sturdier, partly due to the lack of built in flash. [/*]
  • Full frame sensor (although you definitely need good glass for this camera). [/*]
  • Lastly,I actually found that I got more images straight out of the camera, that needed minimal processing, than any other digital SLR I have had.
Downsides? I don´t personally see these as downsides but they are more of a negative regression from the 20d;
  • 3FPS whereas the 20D is 5FPS. I am not personally fussed as I have the 1d mkii "Uzi" for sports etc. but 3FPS may not be fast enough for some people. [/*]
  • No built in flash may bother some people but if you are spending this sort of cash, you should have a quality speedlight to compliment it and know how to use it. I don´t think I ever used the flash on the 20D. [/*]
  • Price. [/*]
  • Urrrmm...thats it.
If you can afford the difference, why not get the 5D? You may well progress with your photography quickly and need the extras mentioned above for certain things. You may otherwise find yourself with 2 cameras or desperately trying to sell the 20D to upgrade......live a little...

This pic was taken yesterday with a polariser filter. It is pretty much straight from the camera and the detail is amazing.

Edited to add a P.S. As I mentioned above, you will need quality lenses for this camera which greatly adds to the cost, I wouldn´t suggest using cheap lenses (its like putting diesel in a ferrari)! The 20 is great in that the 1.6x crop factor uses just the "sweet spot" of a lens.

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You should compare the 5D to the 30D now. The 30D will have some of the features found in the 5D. For example, large view finder, picture styles, spot meter, etc. I don't know if it will have the usability quotient of the 5D, if it does, I'd go with it if you are cash strapped. I love my 5D, if you used to shot film, this is the most film like in the ease of operation and knowing exactly what lens to use. I usually go for the most neutral look possible, but the picture styles are fantastic! I even use the in camera monchrome feature instead of doing it photoshop. If you get the 5D, pick up an inexpensive prime (35 mm 2.0) and you will be able to see a bit of what this camera can do. If you shot landscapes, the extra resolution really helps and if you shoot available light,I don't think there's another camera on the market with lower noise levels without noise reduction. I own both (20D & 5D) and I thinkthe 5D is better in low light.
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