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Hi all

I usually post in the Panasonic section but I am on the verge of breaking into the DSLR scene.

I have found with my present cameras FZ20 and Dimage A2 that i find myself wanting more in iso settings apertures and so on.

I have read rave reviews on the nikon d50 but cant find many on the 350d.

I was on the verge today of buying the d50 but then i found an advert on the 350d

The canon is a more expensive option but help from you 350d users would be much appreciated in possibly helping me to decide one way or the other.

many thanks

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i was in that dilemma too.
my last 3 cameras have been powershot series and i have been happy wih all of them- cept the A60 with the sensor problem

so it was time to step up from my G5-

my criteria was - low light shooting at high ISO- which the 350 just about beats out ALL of its competition with the D50 in second place.

there's a nikon 2 lens deal for $899 right now without a card and a $854 deal on the 350 with the (1)lens kit.

in the end i chose the 350, it just suits me and my needs and mostly because i can shoot in very lowwwwww light without worrying much about noise.

forget about the 8 or 6mp battle. dslr's are good either way. he MP difference will only mean much if your planning on really blowing the photo up...

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Old Mar 29, 2006, 9:18 AM   #3
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Berto has some very good points. The 350 does handle noise better than the D50. And 8mp vs 6 is NOT a big deal - really. But, I would suggest handling both cameras as well. I think ergonomics is a very personal and often glossed-over aspect of SLR photography. I personally didn't like the ergonomics of the 350 when I tried it out last year - I went with a 20D instead (it got me more of what I wanted and the ergonomics was the last nudge I needed to spend the extra $$). So, while the specs of the XT are great and I believe it is a better camera than the D50 I do suggest you handle both.
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I was in the same situation as you but upgrading from an FZ30. It was between the d50 and the rebel xt but ended up getting the Minolta 5D because of Anti shake built in and its a cheaper system(Altho Sony took over Minolta, dunno if thats good). My friend has a D50 and an 18-200mm VR and takes great pictures and feels great in my hand. I was leaning towards the rebel xt but didnt like how it feels in my hand. So take the suggestion " Handle the camera first" seriously!

Im in this forum because Im considering the rebel xt for a friend of mine with small hands.

Also, I kept the FZ30. Great lens.
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Old Mar 31, 2006, 4:28 PM   #5
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thanks all for your comments

but i've decided on the D50 received it this morning anbd i havent put it down since.

Well i have but you know what i mean. It was the feel that swayed me but i think the onboard flash is excellent it does a great job in low light. I got the 2 lens kit deal and 2 batteries. Like you royco i will be keeping my FZ20 as a back up but will be selling my dimage A2 to hoepully recoup some of the dosh.

But that is an amazing price for a dslr camera £549 18 months ago i paid that much for the dimage a2.

Once again thanks to all

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