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I'm hoping somebody can help me decide whether I need the 5d or not.* I shoot mostly landscapes so I'm considering the 5d for the extra megapixals for increased resolution and cropping.* But, I keep reading comments that you need "good glass" for the 5d.* Not sure what that means.* When people say that are they referring to Canon's L lenses?* I don't own any.* What I do own are middle of the road Sigma APO lens and Canon USM lenses, which gave me sharp photos, including enlargments, with film and slides.* If L glass is needed to really see the details with the 5d then I suppose I'm better off going with the 30d.* Can anybody comment about what type of glass/lens is needed to take detailed pictures for enlargements with the 5d?* Thanks.
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I've been doing a lot of reading on this and from what I've seen, the L series lenses really show thier quality when using the wider angle of the lens. SOme of the less expensive lenses tent to show distortion and vignetting while the L series doesn't show as much.

I've seen photos taken with Tamron and Canon USMthat look very good and very sharp. So I don't see that as a reason to stay away from the 5D.

We ended up going for the 5D instead of the 30D and I think we will be very pleased with it (once it gets here). We don't have any L series lenses but that may be a purchase we make down the road.

Good luck,

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Just about any lens has better quality at the center of the lens element(s) - with the image quality degrading as you move out towards the edges of the lens. With cameras such as the 30d, 350 etc... that have a smaller sensor, the cameras don't end up using the image around the outer edges of the lens (the whole crop factor thing). So,where a lens may show vignetting (light fall off or 'creeping darkness around the edges') on a full frame camera you may not see the problem on a 'crop' camera. Obviously a professional line lens is going to have better performing optics as a general rule.

Now, having said that, there are many outstanding lenses out there. And, I believe too much emphasis is placed on the need to own 'L' quality lenses. There are plenty of people happily using lesser lenses and they never recognize the difference. People used non-L lenses on film SLRs for decades without complaint. And, I hate to burst the bubble - but even L lenses can have problems. The 17-40L supposedly has vignetting problems on a full frame.
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Thanks for the replies and advice.* I'm getting ready to delve into the world of DSLR's moving from slides and a point and shoot digital and I'm trying to choose a camera that will work best with what I shoot.**
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