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I think offer and method from Copperhill looks good and I will order dry/wet kit.

There is one thing I am not sure about and maybe it is not an easy thing to answer. At copperhill website it is mentioned that using a blower may move the dust particles between low-pass filter and the sensor. Isn't that selaed? Than what about Canon's recommended way of cleaning the sensor (which will never work anyway) by using hand held blower? Isn't there a danger of moving particles in that gap between the filter and the sensor? Or that may happen only if you are using high-powered air compressor? I wish there are more information from the actual manufacturer...

I realize that methanol (eclipse) dries out quickly but now knowing about that gap makes me thinking ...
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bigboyhf wrote:

I am going to order the sensor sweep for $15. Sounds like a good deal...


Have you gotten a chance to try this thing out yet??? If so, give us some results!!! I'd really appreciate your opinions on it!


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I ordered one of the copperhill kits a while back and to be honest so far I've just needed to use the sensor sweep. I haven't found the need to use the pec pads, etc. The sensor sweep took me about 15 minutes - mostly because I was re-reading the directions a bunch of times and testing to see if I was charging the brush right. But when it actually came time to clean the sensor I was done in about 2 minutes. Of course, I don't pour over my images at 100% crop looking for dust either. If I can't notice it on an 8x10 print or my 19" monitor I'm not sweating it.
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thanks a bunch for the advice ... i took my camera into a local store last week and had watched him clean it with an air compressor hose & nozzle ... is a rocket blower similar to that?* It certainly looked easy ... the main precaution being to stay away from compressed air in cans with propellants ... right?* * *How about the mirror?* *i've noticed a fine covering of dust on that recently ... any precautions there?*mj
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Thanks ... i did buy a rocketblower in the end! (that was a while back now, but thanks for the suggestion)
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