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mickellay May 21, 2006 5:14 AM

Just a question relating to the focus points on the 350D/RebelXT . Can you select the centre focus point whenusing the automatic setting orwhen usingthe other preset modes eg: portrait etc?? I know this can be done when in P mode but I have been told you canot use it in this manner when using one of the preset modes.

I know the Nikon D50 and Minolta 5Dwill let you select which focus poiint by using the rocker switch(from what Ive been told) .

I posted this question in the Canon EOS digital SLR forum as although in a way itrelates toDSLR purchase, it is a question I am sure many Canon owners will know the answer to were others may not.

I have a lot to learn as I am making the move to DSLR. It would be great to have thisfeature in auto to ensure it is actually focusing on what I intend to shoot. Also my wife would appreciate this. If someone can advise me one way or the other, it would be greatly appreciated.



Mugmar May 21, 2006 11:33 AM


The Rebel XT/350 can only use the manual AF Point in the P TV AV & M modes. (you can also use Auto in these modes)

In the Auto modes, the AF point is set for that particular mode.

hope this helps


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