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Is this a good battery for my RebelXT?

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Not sure about that battery, but I can HIGHLY recommend batteries from sterlingtek.com. They were recommended to me by a number of Canon users and I bought a couple for my 20D 8 months ago and they're great. About 50% more capacity than the original Canon batteries at 1/2 the cost.
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I am not sure about that battery either, but I can vouch for the "Energizer" battery, made by Eveready.....I shoot weddings and just did a 6 hour event and 750 pictures without changing batterys...Granted, it was a newer one I bought in january but I am very happy with doing a whole wedding without changing batterys...I am sure in a year or so, I wont get a full wedding from 1...I have 4 of the energizers and bought them all from Tiger Direct for approx 35.00 each...That is half the cost of the so called "original" canon batterys...O yea, these batterys are 1400mAh.....

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I also have one originalNB-2LH and one from sterlingtek.comfor my Rebel XT. Both seem just as good, can't tell any difference in performance, soI think it's a fantastic deal...
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Old May 26, 2006, 3:16 PM   #5
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The general opinion on Non-OEM is this:
- They work well, but slowly hold less and less charge. After about 6 months they basically stop holding a charge
- They work great, much better than the OEM battery and they are lovely.

My experience has been the later (works great) but I know others who have had trouble.

My assumption is that part of how they get the price lower is that they have lower quality control. So they sell ones that Canon wouldn't. But you can by two or three of the non-oem batteries before you match the price of the Canon.

I own a Lenmar and I like it. Another store to check out is:

They have a nice interface (you pick the brand and the camera and it directs you to the proper battery.) And their prices are fairly good.

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