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ok, so such as is often the case, these posts build you a clock to tell you what time it is, and the only reason i have a clue to what they say is because of my vast hours of research to solve these issues that arrise when my end users don't know what to do with my photographer's digital images.

what the posts mean is: do your basic math when opening the raw image. make your images the highest pixel with the highest resolution thenclick open your raw image, uncheck resample in the photoshop image size window, change the image resolution to what you need (this keeps the highest pixels, but changes the resolution preferably the same or down; we'll talk about going up in a minute).

i'll use what's been posted for example because i don't know with your camera what size (ours is 6.3 mp, but i really don't know that much yet about that) so I will use the suggested 2048 x 1538 as highest pixels your camera might open at from a raw file: 2048 divided by 300 (intended resolution) =6.82 and 1538/300=5.12 so to retain quality 6.82 x 5.12 or as also suggestion purchase the genuine fractals plug in (about $150 i think for the general user) and you can go up to about 10x that size.

Lin, I'd like to know more about what you are saying, but you are the professor and have forgotten how to teach to elementary students. I can only keep up a little because i am familiar a little. the issue i'm having is layout people not understanding that my photographer's cameras don't shoot in the size pixels they would prefer. i guess they get a lot of film people that scan to specs or something, I don't know, but whatever the case, i find myself educating them on their jobs a lot. what i am looking for is the simple "you can blow it up to billboard if need be" solution, keyword simple. so far, the only simple i've found and haven't use (because i don't make the prints so i don't need it) is the genuine fractals. if there is something else can you offer it in a simple manner (in the event i have to again explain this to a layout person) i would love to hear it. thank you to all!
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I have a Canon S9000. I have personally printed 13x19 pics from my canon g2 and Canon D-Rebel. Yes I use the highest resolution available from the cameras. A Pro-Photographer friend was so impressed with the D_reb 13x19s that he purchased a D-Reb finally switching to more digital (he does mainly glamour and portrait photography). So, can you get good 13x19s? Absolutely, Can you get 35mm quality, my humble opinion Yes!!!
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