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Yes, I take a ton of photos. But I didn't think I took that many since March of '05.

I noticed today that my images reset at IMG0001 and my folders are now at Canon200.

My 350 is functioning just like the first day I bought it. But I heard somewhere that the camera is rated at only a certain amount of shutter clicks. Is this true? Should I start to expect any failures? Or am I good to go for another 10,000?

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Hi JeffJeff,

I also have a 350D and I have also passed the 10,000 photo mark. (I'm at about 12,000 now). in 6 months (since I bought it)

The Canon 350D camera shutter life is rated to be 50,000 so we should still get some good use out of our cameras.... As long as we are careful and don't drop the camera or expose it or operate it at too extremes (below -20 or above +40 degrees celsius) or extreme humidity I think we can safely expect 30,000 to 40,000 before the chance of the shutter breaking might happen.

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A friend of mine used to burn through a camera every 6 months.*He was taking school pictures.*As I recall, he'd get about 75, 000 to 100,000 shots before the shutter would pack up.
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I am sorry to ask this question, but what happens when the shutter gives and what can you do if it does?

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When the shutter gives, basically, you can't use the camera anymore.

And it can be fixed, but it oftentimes costs almost as much as the camera itself.
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