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Last month I gave you my tale of woe trying to clean the sensor on my 20D. I got it clean, and so I went to on a business trip to San Diego. I took my 20D with the Canon 24-105 (and by the way, the weather was about as nice as it gets...72 highs during the day, slight breeze) and I came back and darnit, another obvious piece of dirt on the sensor.

So I finally headed down to the photography store (Penn Camera) and bought a Promaster Super Blower. I headed out into the sun to see the sensor and there was the dust fleck. It took 3 blows but it came off along with the rest of the dust. It was $12, I highly recommend it. I tried the stick method with methanol and while they work great in specific circumstances in my opinion they're overkill for dust. The blower works great. It's going everywhere with me from now on. If you own a DSLR you have to buy one.

As long as I was there, I asked the clerk to play with the 5D. There are two major improvements in this camera in just 2 minutes of playing. First, the viewfinder is just plain better than the 20/30D it's brighter, bigger. If I used the camera a lot more, I would buy one just for that reason. The other thing is that the shutter is much quieter.

My opinion is that in another 2 years, I'm getting a full-frame. The 20D is a great camera, but older eyes need more light and the 5D delivers on that. If I had to do it all again, I'd still get the 20D to start, because let's face it, for people like me who just do this for fun, it delivers 95% of the 5D for about 45% of the price. $3K is a lot for a fun camera. But I'm blown away by that viewfinder.

Anyway, just my non-scientific opinions.

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Glad you had success with the blower.* I have been struggling to get at a few specks on my 20Ds sensor.* The Giottos Rocket Air blower* has worked for me in the past .* However it is failing to remove some specks at this time.* I may have to resort to something else soon.* You* mentioned the stick method, do you have in specifics on that?
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Look here:


The site is good, although ultimately, he's trying to sell you product. He downplays the difficulty of cleaning these sensors, and that is, that you can't see the dirt in the 1st place so it's hard to know what to clean. Also, when you clean these with the swipes/wipes/whatever they're called, I ended up pushing dirt into the corners.

That said, I'd use the technique again, only because it's clear the blower won't work well all the time.
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