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I imagine sometime soon after the current rebates expire, but does anyone have a feel for when the next Eos Digital Rebel (400?) will be announced? How long has it been since they released the 350, and how long between versions have they traditionally gone?Thanks all in advance!
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Canon keeps most things close to the vest. But traditionally their DSLR announcements have been in Aug/Sept or February timeframe.

There is typically an 18-24 month lifespan for models. The 350 was announced in Feb '05

So, a replacement may come as soon as this Aug/Sept or maybe not until Feb.

It will be very interesting to see what Canon does. Most people felt the 30D was more like a 20D Mk II. And, it would be unusual for a low price point model to have features not contained in the mid level model (i.e. I would not expect a 350 replacement to have any significant features the 30d does not have).

So, either Canon will break this feature cycle or the 350 replacement will have minimal improvements. All in all, whether they announce in the Fall or Winter, it will be interesting to see what they do.

Especially given some of the main hot-button items for new DSLR owners (not saying these are the most important features just ones that many non or new DSLR owners focus on):

1. More megapixels (sigh!!!)

2. Live LCD preview

3. in-body IS (which I still think Canon won't do until their market share goes down)

All-in-all they really can't do much or they'll cripple the sales of the 30D IMO.
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Canon did a pre-emptive strike already by releasing the 5D - You can see now most of their ads promoting the 'only' full-frame manufacturer and where they can hold the line on price there...

IMO cost is the next target - sub $499 dSLR is getting really close with the newest Pentax/Samsung not that far off. Megapixels may go up, but I believe it's going to be less of an issue than price, which can also help Canon maintain their volume lead -> A cost reduced dRebel is the most likely (... not unlike a cost reduced 20D mrkII)

-> Many folks hate live LCD preview; however a live histogram can be much more useful though a semi-transparent LCD. Some cameras already has grid or scale LCD in the viewfinder that can be turn on and off - what's a few more histogram bars???

IMO we'll see a Nikon IS enable body before a Canon (... if history repeat itself like their first AF SLR's) :lol: :-) :G
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Of course my crystal ball is very fuzzy but some gut and some logic says that with Sony A100 entry at $999 level playing field is changing and it will force canon to release two cameras in the next 9 months. One with 10MP in the $1000 range and a camera with 8MP in the $500 range to compete with Samsung et el.

5D and 1D will not be upgraded for a while until they have a breakthrough in their chip designs to get higher pixels at lower noise levels.
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I know two huge improvements that can be done on the next rebel:

1) LARGER LCD - 1.8'' really sucks
2) brighter viewfinder - It is extremely hard to MF

A third nice improvement (but I don't think it's likely to happen) is changing the position of the AF points in the "2/3 rule" position.

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Impossible to say what will happen, but the 1ds-mkII is the oldest in their stable now.

A brighter view finder would be very nice, but would mean going back to a larger mirror houseing which would mean a larger camera again. Bucking the trend to ever smaller cameras.

I predict I agree if the a100 catches on and starts selling well Nikon will be next to add IS into the body and maybe self cleaning sensor and auto dynamic range adjustiment. Once again followed by Canon.

It would be nice to see the price drop too, to make the cost match the disposable bodies.:G Especially on full frames.
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