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Default D30 or 10D...suggestions?

I know MANY of you have the Canon EOS D30 and love it. Would it be wise for a new photographer to go all out and save for a few more months and get the 10D or see if this IS what I want to study in college next year with the D30 which could always be sold and upgraded? Please help...I'm so confused. I was told that the D30 would be a mistake. I sell the 10D at work and love it but my friend is going to give me a pretty good deal on his old D30. I'm not sure if this is what I want to study. I'm getting those pre-freshman mixed feelings about what to do with the rest of my life.
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I can't answer for you, but I can add some thoughts that might help. Only you really know your situation.

You really have to map out what the differences are between the two and decide of those differences really matter to you. Resolution is one thing, but also weight, size, AF, metering modes (maybe?) also matter. Then there is the potential that you don't want to carry around something which is worth that much (although you could easily buy a lens that is worth more than a used D30.... so this might be irrelevant.) This comparison might make this decision easy. But maybe not.

Cost is another matter. You haven't said if the price of a new 10D would be a stretch or not. I'll assume not. You've said that the price on the D30 is very good. The money you saved might be spent on good lenses instead. When you buy a replaceable lens SLR camera you are buying into a system. You could invest enough in lenses that it will dwarf the cost of a camera body, so you are effectively "locked in" to that brand. But for you this is a win because good lenses retain their value. If you buy the D30 with good lenses and then outgrow it in a year or two, you'll keep those lenses and upgrade to a newer body... so the only real monetary hit will be on the body.

I never used the D30, but my understanding is that it's a very capable camera. The 10D is good enough that I've ordered one. So I'm not personally biased towards the D30 for some reason. Purely from a camera point of view, I doubt you could go wrong with either camera. I bet your choice will be more based on your situation than the camera's functionality.
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