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this is a shot i took with my 30D at a local park about a week ago. a girl in front of me was blowing bubbles as she walked with her boyfriend. most drifted off or burst, butone of them drifted and landed on the head of a stalk oftall grass... i just had to take the shot. :? got off 3 or 4 frames before it popped, and really liked the way this one came out. taken with my Sigma [email protected] 400mm, 1/250 @ f5.6 handheld...

i sentit in to my local newspaper last Saturday for a "reader photos" feature they started this past Wednesday. the photo editor was impressed, and told me they'd use it, but i was expecting a small print, 2x3" or so like the sample photo they'd been running for the previous week to get readers to submit pics. turns out the feature photos will be larger, on the second page, but because Wednesday was the first day of the feature, they ranmy picat about 5x7"... and right in the middle of the front page!!! :O there was a little paragraph about the new reader photos feature, along with a few lines of about the pic, where i took it, etc.it's not a huge paper, but with 47,000 readers, that's stillsome prettygood "exposure"!

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That's beautiful
Well done!!!
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Old Jul 7, 2006, 9:47 AM   #3
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Have you ever found yourself picking your jaw up off the ground because you saw something spectacular?? ...I have, right now, looking at that amazing shot! Great jobIf I were you, I'd blow that up and put it in my porfolio book.
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Old Jul 7, 2006, 9:47 AM   #4
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Stunning shot. Well done indeed!
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Old Jul 7, 2006, 9:49 AM   #5
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Very nice shot:-)
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That is probably the best shot I've seen in a long time. The lighting is spectacular!

Thanks for sharing such a unique and wonderful shot!
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Old Jul 7, 2006, 1:04 PM   #7
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Just want to also send my congrats on such a terrific image. Best of luck and keep shooting.

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Old Jul 8, 2006, 7:14 PM   #8
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Spectacular capture! That is really a unique image. I am sure many of us wish we had taken it. Great job and congrats on being in the newspaper!

Trique Daddi
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Old Jul 9, 2006, 8:15 AM   #9
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Excellent capture squirl! Great detail, colors, and lighting......well done.
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Old Jul 10, 2006, 12:04 PM   #10
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Awesome shot...

Looks like you were at the right place at the right time. Thanks for sharing.
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