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hi everybody,

i have been shhoting with point and shoot digital cameras in Auto mode fpr a long time,

finally I bought following

Canon 20 D Kit

Canon EF28-200mm f/3.5-5.6USM Ultrasonic lens

Canon 420EX Speedlite flash

Lumiquest Promax system which has
Key Features:
• The 80-20 allows for ceiling bounce with 20% fill.
• White insert provides a neutral bounce surface when no ceiling is available.
• Gold insert warms the light for late afternoon fill.
• Silver insert adds a more specular look to the highlights while maintaining shadow softness.
• Light loss varies between 1 - 2 stops, depending on insert used and the height of the ceiling.


Flash Difuser LumiQuest - UltraBounce LQ-001D

Now i need advice of all experts on forum to Teach me from where to start...... i mean same like Auto mode and JPEG format

or for bst sharp pictures indoor and outdoor >> i should go to Creative mode

In Creative Mode :

: what should be the settings on camera for indoor and outdoor in terms of Shutter speed and apperture setting.

2ndly>> i tried P mode in Raw format ... but pictures after transfering to adobe Photoshop elements 2.0 >> i find hard to bring Raw colours close to natural colours.

so what is the basic approach to correct colours on RAW ... i used histogram to see and mostly used Auto correction feature in photshop elements.

>> also after correction Raw image > should i save Raw image in my Picture folder as Jpeg or someother Format......... cuz what i understand most of the web programs support Jpeg to upload.......

>> should i take picture in superfine compression and Large size ....... cuz i realize when u want to save image on computer >> image is compressed >> so my question is then why not take picture in Medium size or to be more simple >>> what should be the best resolution setting to get high quality 4 x 6 and 5x7 prints and at sametime have excellent quality on comuter.

i understand my Qs are of layman but i love photography since my childhood and now instead of going to photo-school >> i want to learn from all experts on forum.

Your answers to my Qs. will help many people who are new and want to learn from different features of Digital SLR
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I am going to guess at what you need most of all is to read your manual and start shooting to get to know your camera and it's features. I am sure the best advise you'llget from "all experts" would be the sameif you are tounderstand your new DSLR purchase.

You will find that your manualdoes answersome of your questions. As far as what is best resolution for high quality 4x6 - 5x7?...Do you wantthe 8.2 mega pixel look or 5 or lower?...yourmanual tells you which size compression setting will give you what mega pixel jpeg it'll shoot. Take a series of pictures in all compression settings and see how they look on your computer. Upload your different compression jpegs to yourlocal photoprinting centre and compare them one to the other.

You do not want to read lengthy volumes of writings from "all experts" as this would take away valuable shooting and practice time plus most people simply lose interest and get board in lenghty drawn out explainations. This site all ready has volumes of reading at the click of your mouse.
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There are lots of places to read about photography on the web.

Here's one with lots of stuff to keep you going...

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peripatetic wrote:
There are lots of places to read about photography on the web.

Here's one with lots of stuff to keep you going...

I'll second that site - lots of great stuff. But Canon's web site has some great tutorials for beginners to DSLR photography.
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