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Probably finally made my camera decision but as I've learned more and more, found this on another "review" site. May answer A LOT about my "unscientific experiment" and feeling that the d50 color seemed to "pop" more than the rebel. It basically goes on to state the default setting for the d50 is different than that of the d70, blah, blah, blah. From the manual, I learn the default Color Mode is IIIa sRGB. (This seems to be versus an original Ia in the d70.) The manual states this mode "Produces nature and landscapes shots with VIVID colors." It seems to default to a more "vivid" color mode.

Quote from another "review" site...
As you can see the D50 image contains virtually the same amount of detail as the D70s but has a slightly softer and less 'crisp' appearance. As mentioned earlier in this review we are currently assuming that this is due to a lighter anti-alias filter and/or different image processor. Color balance is bound to be different because the D50's default color mode is mode III where as on the D70 it is mode I. Otherwise there are few surprises, if you look really closely you can see that the D50 image has fewer moire / maze artifacts.

FYI for anyone still following...

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