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Good Day!

I'm currently at a loss on whether to get a Canon EOS 30D (with stock lens: 18-55mm) or 350D (with 17-85mm lens). They will roughly cost the same.

Could you guys help me out?

Thank you very much!

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You will get better pics here with the cheaper camera and the better lens.
The two cameras have nearly identical sensors and both take fantastic pics. The 30D is better built and has more features.
The difference between these two lenses is bigger than between theses cameras IMO. 350 for a hobby, 30D for work.

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There are differences between the two cameras - some of those differences are ergonomics and some are functional.

You have to decide, based on what you will be photographing if you need or want the features the 30d offers that the 350 does not.

You also should test out both cameras - there are some people swayed towards one or the other solely based upon the ergonomics of the two - they are really pretty different.

If you look at the above two and decide you could live with either camera ergonomically and you don't have a real need for the added features then by all means buy the 350.

I will also throw out another possibility - if the ergonomics are more of an issue, can you stretch your budget and buy the 20D and get the 17-85 lens? BH Photo is selling the 20D for around $1000 I believe. It's more than midway between the other two models (i.e. much closer to 30d than 350).

But I will throw out a potential teaser - how soon do you need a camera? New gear announcements will be coming out in September and there is some possibility Canon will have a new camera - by no means garanteed. And, even if they announce one it probably wouldn't be available before November and that's time you could spend shooting because there is always another camera around the corner. Just mentioning it.
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Alright Thanks!
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