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bigboyhf wrote
Very nice article, has lots of excellant info. Thank you.
Just set your camera to manual mode and the camera will communicate to the flash. Just turn it on... You can set flash exposure compensation with the camera or the flash but the exposure result will be the same. ( I think...) You make adjustment to exposure by changing the speed, aperture or ISO which will move your camera meter as NHL described above and will affect the power level of the flash to expose properly, so long as you are to the left or in the middle of the meter range. The more to the left of the middle, the darker the background will be since the flash metering will properly expose the subject. The camera meter is telling you how the background will be exposed. You just have to also be careful that the max distance to your subject is in range of the power for your flash and should be noted on the flash's LCD screen. If you are too far away, your subject will be dark too..

I have a 580 EX and Canon recommends multimeter mode to correctly use TTL2 and flash. I am not sure, but I think it is the same for the 550 EX...

As NHL said, Av mode and flash don't generally mix well, especially in low light because of the very slow shutter speeds.

Spend some time reading this web site.

Imacer wrote:[/b]
NHL wrote
What mode should I put Canon 550EX in for manual mode for indoors.
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Imacer wrote:
NHL everytime I switch to manual mode my scale is always way over to the left is that normal?
This is perfectly normal (all that means is your background will be pretty dark) - You can do 3 things to bring it to the right (and brighten up the background as bigboyhf mentioned):
1. Increase the ISO
2. Open up the aperture, i.e. smaller f/#
3. Decrease the shutter speed - Don't worry about motion blur at close distance because the flash can stop all the actions by itself in a small room (i.e. 1/30s is fine); However, be careful as you get close to the mid-point of the EV scale because the ambient light will now capture the lower shutter-speed blur...

Is this scale for the photo or the flash in manual mode? I hardly ever get sunlight in the house.
The scale is for normal photo mode with ambient light only
The flash will add its output to the ambient light to keep the exposure centered - On the 550EX you can punch-in it's own +/- EV (on the rear LCD screen)

BTW - On my 1D mrkII there's another additional scale for the flash, but I guess Canon do not provide this 2nd scale on their consumer cameras

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