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Having owned both the D100 and the 10D I can offer the following:

In my opinion, selling off either system to go with the other is somewhat a waste of money. Both camera systems have their positives and negatives.

For instance:

Canon 10D -- Good construction, better color than D100 but many focusing issues (yes they are real, owning one I can attest to that).
Nikon D100 -- Good results, more consistant sharpness but construction is lacking. Needs exposure and color tweaking for good results
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Since most of your investment already with Nikon equipment, I suggest you wait for a little while if you have limited budget for a new D-SLR. I understand Nikon have to respond to the success of Canon 10D, so the replacement for the D100 is around the corner. I'm a user of both Canon and Nikon, and their photographic equipment is excellent. Even though I spend most of my times now using my Canon 10D D-SLR, I don't think I will try to sell off my Nikon F-5, F-100, FM-2N (special edition) and my collection of high speed AF-S D lenses(probably never will). I have 2 Canon 10D(s) and did try 3 of others 10D (loaner) but never have any AF issues. Of course, on any products, chances are you may sometimes get a defective one. But the AF issues on the Canon 10D that most peoples discussed on the website are most due to lacking knowledge of how to handle the SLR, characteristic of the lenses and depth of field. Personally I do not think the 10D has any serious AF issue at all, I think it's the best digital SLR in its class, very reasonable price (I'm kinda surprise that the pricing for both Nikon D100 and Fuji Pro S2 are still higher than the 10D at this time, should be lower). But I still think you are still in a better position to buy a new Nikon D-SLR since you already have 4 good Nikon lenses and the SB-25 flash. It's true that the SB-25 will not work with Nikon D-SLR mode, but for the automatic mode, it will perform well, and for adding a new flash to use with the TTL mode, it will not be expensive as to replace all of the 4 lenses. Selling off all of Nikon equipment is time consuming and you will lose part of you investment with those lenses. Be patient, the Nikon D200 (I'm guessing) will be here soon, probably by the end of this summer.
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If money is not the issue then hold onto the Nikon lenses even if you go to Canon at this time. Canon and Nikon and Kodak will be battling it out over the next decade and you may decide to switch more than once. The advantage of the Nikon lenses is that you have three body manufacturers(Fuji, Kodak and Nikon). I just switched from Nikon to Canon but it was easy for me because I didn't have any Nikon AF lens.
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LFW, should you not want that 105 macro, and if in great condition, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands :lol: Seriously though, I make money with my equipment, and until the day it fails me completely, I will not switch to greener pastures. As long as it's making me money, switching would mean a set back to my starting career. I am with Eric on the issue of brand loyalty. I may lust for the creamy smooth 10D 's 100 ISO images, but I'm very happy at my D100's 200 ISO

None of the Nikon wireless feature work on their dSLR
Wireless multiple flash is possible with Nikon's SB80-DX in all D1h/x/100, and further development is coming with the SB800.

My father is considering buying a DSLR, and since he's starting from scratch I try to sway him towards Nikon (what do you expect, I use Nikon :P), but also point to him that Canon has more lens choices and may be cheaper for him. But he says he wants to be able to borrow my lenses on occasion... we'll see about that
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Wireless multiple flash is possible with Nikon's SB80-DX in all D1h/x/100
... Wireless may be possible like a dumb slave, but the SU-4 do not support TTL on the D1h/x/100.

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