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Odd - when you follow links at BH for lenses - Canon you do NOT see all the lenses. It must be some sort of glitch. If you do a search on the lenses they are all there.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a mainstream lens that B&H doesn't carry - occasionally they'll be out of stock for a newly released item like any other store.

They're always my first stop, followed by buydig.com
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I like Adorama search egine better - You click one the brand(s) and the type(s):

-> IMO they are as competitive as B&H
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As usual, JohnG is right on the money.

I haven't been in a well lit gym yet ;-).

My 85mm f/1.8 is the lens of choice under the boards. I shoot with the settings John has already mentioned. I keep the 85mm on my Mark II N and I keep a 70-200 f/2.8 on my 20D at ISO 3200.To be honest the f/2.8 isn't reallyfast enough, I'd love to get a 200mm f/1.8, butthe 20D IMHO does a bit better with the high ISO than even the Mark IIN. Just overexpose a bit, I use Noise Ninja in post processing and this makes a big difference.

I kneel around 30 degrees to the left or right behind the basket for most of my shots, now and again getting right under the basket. I also like to spend equal time the first half the game under both teams boards as I've found lighting can be different under both ends but more importantly later in the game if it's a blow-out, you don't get the same expressions on some of the kids faces.

I do use an 18% grey card to set my white balance before the game starts. Many gyms don't have much daylight getting in (at least the ones I've shot in) so I also use manual mode for shutter and aperature. Once the white balance is set, I spot meter off of players faces in a few spots on the floor and use that for the day.

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I wonder why the new Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 is listed in the news on dpreview (it was announced on 8/11), yet Steve's here has yet to even list it???
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