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BoYFrMSpC wrote:
From what I gather so far, this model of the 3d is like something in between the 5d and 1d (this is, of course, arguable with the 1.3x sensor). Why would Canon keep creating different levels of professional line-up?

if it was similiarly priced as the 5d that would be understandable, but I don't think that's the case with the intergrated battery grip.

imo, I think they'd be better off trying to create something in between the 5d and the 30d. For instance a watered-down version of the 3d, or a more professional 1.6x camera
Actually, it sounds like this camera would be a bridge between th 1d MK II N and the 30d - aimed again at the sportsshooter and wildlife photog. The 5d really isn't that useful to those categories of shooters. Precisely why Canon has two different current models of the 1 series - they serve two different markets. The 5d bridges one of those markets - the full frame market geared more towards landscape, wedding etc.

But the advanced prosumer sport and wildlife shooter doesn't have anything betwen the $1300 30D and the $4000 1d MK II N. IMO the biggest single function advantage is the 45 point focus system. I think if they had a $1800 8mp model with 45 point autofocus and the same ISO 1600/3200 performance of the 20d/30d they'd have a great market for the camera regardless of what other added features they put on it. So this camera would be the 5d's counterpart in the sports/wildlife market.

The interesting thing is no other manufacturer has a bridge camera like that either - heck Nikon is really the only other manufacturer with a true pro quality sports body. So, if Canon went this route it would not be in response to outside pressure but rather to solidify an upgrade path for the sports/wildlife shooters from the 350 to the 30 to the 3d to the 1dmkIIN.

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I think JohnG is right

Take me for example I have the 10D when they came out with 20D there was no much incentive to upgrade... and then the 30D which really is an 'improved' 20D - IMO not too many folks with the 20D will upgrade to the 30D either (where's the gain?)

The 5D is the next alternate up in price, but then one has to give up the speed (rather difficult if you are already accustomed to the higher frame rate). The most likely gain is the better DR, but then even the L lenses are not as good as the 'digital' lenses especially at the borders so what is the big deal about the full-frame ?

I end up with 1D mrkIIN (big gap in $) - you get a compromise: a slighly larger APS-H frame, the top line 45 AF points, some extra DR may be, and a battery which you can shoot all day without caring about any spare... :-)

-> A 3D with the same attribute (minus the weather seal) at a lower cost is just about perfect for everyone! :idea:
(... and I hope it will outlast the D2Xs in the number of shots/charge)
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