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I checked out the Canon 20D on the beach today.

It had the kit lens(Super Wide Angle EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6,
the focal length is equivalent to approx. 28-90mm in 35mm format.)
The zoom is less than on most P&S.

The AF worked well, the LCD was too small, too many buttons and other bells and whistles which casual users/non-pros wont use.

It wasnt too heavy or too bulky for an SLR;However, if I were to carry 3+ suitcases
on a trip, I would take a P&S instead.

I used a 350D before, and could not tell the difference between it and the 20D.
I sure hope the $450 price difference is justified. If I were a beginner, I'd get the 350D.

Conclusion: Would I want to walk around a city with an SLR around my neck... NO!

IMHO, get an SLR if you are a pro who is planning to get several lenses.
DO NOT get an SLR if you are going to drive on auto all the time.

PS: Besides the 2mp difference, is there anything that the Canon 350D has that the Nikon D50 doesnt (which is $50 less w/kit lens)?
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Okay, I'll venture out of my usually comfortable obscurity in the shadows to ask:


So you tested a 20d. In one breath you're comparing it to the 350d and are oblivious to any possible differences between the two cameras. Yet, in another breath, you are asking someone to justify it over the Nikon d50. Sounds like you are a point and shooter who doesn't have a need for the extra features (hassles) of a DSLR.

While I'm extremely new, I'll simply say, creativity, depth of field, wide angle, super zoom, option of extremely fast lenses, to name a few. No, you probably SHOULD NOT walk all over the city carrying a DSLR. Nor should you walk all around the house with a power drill when you may just need a screwdriver.

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