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My first dslr was the maxxum 7D but I bought it mostly out of inexperience and incomplete understanding of the camera "system". Now I realize that once you buy a body and few weeks later contract lens addiction, your new camera can easily turn into a quicksand.

From the few months of using my 7D I've come to love its controls and knobs, and its controls allow me easy access to all features in the camera. sometimes without taking my eye off the viewfinder.

Antishake works great, wireless HSS is a boon, and almost everything about the camera make me scream "minolta, why did you quit?!!!".

I am looking for other stable alternatives now, since Sony does not seem promising in the near future, and given the rarity of KM lenses, minolta is suddenly the rich man's camera. Canon seems most promising because it provides a good upgrade path (30D-> D5->Mark II) unlike Nikon (D200->D2X). Unlike Nikon, Canon doesn't encrypt its raw format, and seems to have better lenses from what I've seen at photodo. However I am still not convinced that a Canon body can provide all that my 7D gives me.

I am interested in hearing from other canon users here who have jumped ships to help me understand if Canon is right for me. I am tempted by Nikon as well because the D200 seems very similar to the 7D in many aspects but I am not too sure about lens options.
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I jumped ship from a Maxxum film SLR.

Basically I'm pretty happy with Canon.

Their customer service is excellent and they stand by their cameras.

Great shots at high ISO's, and Canon lenses are very good and less expensive than some others.

What can I say? Probably Canon for life.

-- Terry

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Thank you both. Noise issues on the Panasonic FZ7 pushed me to the dSLR scene. Research prompted a Minolta 5D purchase, ultimately resulting in a rarity for me-- return of an electronic item. Good camera, but a few things urked me (i.e., loud shutter sound-- chased away the birds I had been waiting for 2 hours!), and the lens issue. Now, I'm looking hard at both Canon and Nikon. Guess you could say I'm now working backwards-- pinpointing lenses first.

Happy hunting!
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I also jumped ship last week. I was a Minolta user for 30 years, went digital when the 7D first came out the camera was great....but I got tired of waiting for a real camera from Sony-Minolta or whoever they are calling themselves. So last week I sold ALL my stuff and got a MKIIn and a couple of L lens.This camera is eaiser to use then the Minolta.I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER.



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