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Hey Everyone, about two weeks ago I ordered a Rebel XT. So far i love the camera. I had upgraded from the Rebel Gll 35mm. Last week I was a little disappointed hearing that Canon is coming out with the Rebel XTi with 10.1 megapixels. Just how much of a difference would be seen from 8 megapixels to 10.1? I haven't even had my Rebel XT for 2 full weeks yet. I was wondering ifI should send it back and wait till the XTi comes out in mid september.

I'm just courious on what you think. According to Canon, the XTi will only run me about $100.00 more then what i paid for my XT.
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That is a very good question.I have had a rebel xt for a little over a year now and really love the results we get from it. IMO the extra Mega pixels are not an issue. in the grand scheme of thingsI think that the 10.1 is asales ploy to compete with some other camera makers.

The XTi does have a few features that I like such as the larger LCD screen. The fact that you can see your camera settings in the LCD screen is nice also. The biggest addition to the XTi that I really like is the EOS Integrated Cleaning System which shakes the dust off the sensor. How well this really works is yet to be seen.

The fact that the XTi has a lot of new technology in it would have me wait and see what kind of reviews it gets from Steve and other camera testers and what happens when it makes it to the field.

These are just my thoughts on it.

You have to decide what is important to you. Can you live with out your camera for a couple of months waiting for the new one? And do the new features make that big of a difference to you. Here is a good link with a lot of info on the XTi http://www.dpreview.com/news/0608/06082416canoneos400drebelxti.asp

Good luck and happy shooting


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Mugmar makes excellent points. I'm not a big fan of spending that kind of cash on an unproven product.

But, I will say the MP difference is NOT A BIG DEAL. It should not drive anyone to move from an 8mp camera to a 10mp camera - it really has such a minor impact on your photographs it shouldn't be a consideration. It's really the other features that should decide this for you. The whole megapixel race is unfortunate - once we passed 6mp, the gain for most photographers is very small compared to other features in a camera.

There is no doubt base on specs alone the XTi offers a much better feature set - but it usually takes a couple of months before you start getting reliable reviews back. Also (AND I CAN"T STRESS THIS ENOUGH) I think it's important to get real world reviews from photographers that use the camera in a way you would. Do you shoot a lot of landscapes? Well you want test results from other landscape photographers. Do you shoot a lot of sports or wildlife? Guess what - those use completely different features of a camera. So, realize that most published reviews give you a general idea of sharpness, color, timings and ergonomics but they don't give you details that may be important to your style of photography.

So, while the XTi looks intriguing on paper I would never recommend buying a product the first couple months of production.
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In my opinon you generally need about a 30% increase or more in resolution for there to be a "big" enough difference to merit an upgrade on MP alone. Notice I sad resolution increase not pixel count? Considering all things being equal this would me jumping from 8MP to about 13MP camera (IE. 350D/20D/30D to a 5D).

8MP -> 10MP is a mere 12% and if image quality isn't the same then your overal picture quality gain is probably less than 12%.

Also, keep in mind that adding more pixels on the sensor will reduce the pixel spacing from to 6.4 µm to 5.7 µm.

This affects dynamic range to some extent (whether it is an issue has yet to be scene). The pixel spacing on the XTi is close to the pixel spacing on the Nikon DX2 and D200. So I would imagine that noise would be higher than the current XT. How much is dependent on the CMOS sensor advantage in the noise area over the typical CCD.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with the smaller pixel spacing diffraction will play more of a role.

According to my calculations and fudge factors diffraction begins to occur on the XT at about f11 The XTi might have diffraction issues starting at around f10.

This isn't a huge deal, however if you shot landscapes and are hoping that the extra 2 mp of the xti will help you get a bit more detail, then shooting below f10 is a must, as anything higher will probably give you the same detail as the XT.

I'm not bashing the XTi. It sounds like a very nice camera. I just don't think a 12% increase in resolution is a big deal especially at the cost of noise and diffraction (albiet slight).

I agree with the other poster. The dust feature and larger LCD screen are major pluses. I'm not thrilled though about the lack of the B&W LCD that use to exist above the color LCD screen.

IMO, it won't be until DPreview, stevesdigicams, and other test & review the XTi to see if it is leaps and bounds above the XT. My gut though based on math and past history is that the improvements are probably incremental.

How much did you pay for the XT? IF the same price of the replacement then perhaps you should return the XT and wait. If less, I wouldn't worry about it that much.

For example I got my XT body only for $580 about 2 months ago. The body only XTi is supposed to start at $700. I don't know how much you spent but if we are talking $100 or more a difference you have to then figure out if the differences merit you waiting for thee XTi. If you spent the same amount for the XT that the XTi is suppose to be then the XTi may be the better camera for you. Only you can decide that.
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yes yes!
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I paid $700.00 for body and lens. But thenI bought the memory card, extra set of batteries, and a few other items, it came to about $850.00 with everything that I bought. I've shot about 400 pictures though it so far andI love whatI see. Plus its so nice to be able to practice cause nowI don't have that film to get developed.

Anyway thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it. I think I will keep my XT. I think your right on waiting to see what the reviews look like a few months down the road. I would hate to send this back, I am haveing to much fun with it to be with out it.

I was kinda curious cause my roommate had an old casio 2 megapixel camera. I didn't think it took very good pictures. Then he bought a kodak easy share 4.0 megapixel and it was a huge improvement, and that was a 2 megapixel jump. I just thought this would be the same thing.

I did do a lot of research on the XT beforeI ordered it. And every review thatI read said the picture quality is great, and I have to agree.

Anyway thanks again for your comments and advice. I really do appreciate everything .
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the best reason i can figure to buy an XTi over the XT is the 2.5 inch view screen. its supposed to be on par or better than the 30D view screen and brighter.
if you shoot alot outdoors this is a MUST(if you haven't figured out what a histogram is that is).

i shoot a lot outdoors under the harsh sun so this is ideal for me. i might switch to the XTi and sell my xt for around $550
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Old Aug 30, 2006, 10:52 AM   #8
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30D LCD is not that great. It is low res.

But main difference that I see is that 400D got the same 9 point AF system from 30D. This also includes the f2.8 cross sensor. These are bigger things IMHO than cometic stuff. I care less for dust, 10MP (though nice for cropping).
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If there's only a $100 difference, I would return the XT and wait for the XTi. Feature for feature, it looks like the price difference is worth it...plus you will get that $100 difference back if you decide to resell the XTi. :idea:
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Since you have only had your camera a short time and can exchange it I would.The features are better on the XTI. If You weren't in that situation I would concentrate on learning what your camera will do. I have a 20D that I purchased in April and am thrilled with it. I knew the 30D would be out soon but I got a great deal on my camera and needed to start using a DSLR. I don't regret not waiting. I have so much to learn to keep me busy!Once you have made your decision enjoy it!

Happy Shooting!

Trique Daddi
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