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Just wondering what my first speedlight purchase should be. Do I go all out and get the biggest and baddest or are there perks to the smaller flash??
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The only perks are less $$$. The newest 580 EX is actually smaller than it's predecessor I believe.

But, like any other purchase you should look at the prices of the different offerings and the feature sets. Then decide if the added features are worth the extra cost for you. If money is no object then get the 580. But if you have other needs competing for those $$, look at the 430ex and the Sigma 500 DG super - they're both excellent flashes by all accounts.
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Next to the lens, the flash(es) is(are) the most critical item(s) - It depends on wether you want the wireless capability or not which is the main difference between the 580EX and 430EX in addition to output power...

The 580EX and the Sigma 500DG Super have Master capability in the wireless mode whereas the 430EX is a Slave only, i.e. it can not be used to control another slaves in the wireless mode - If you all ever need is 1 external flash then the 430EX would be fine if the GN of 43 meet your distance need. The 580EX and the 500DG have a higher GN of 58 and 50 respectively in meter.

It's only when you're into wireless with multiple flashes, for example to do a 2:1 ratio, then you'll need at least one Master and where the economy of the Sigma comes in as the more heads you buy the more you'll save (i.e. One on the camera for control, and two more set to 2:1 ratio)
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