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bobbyz wrote:
I think one can see large difference in picture quality using cheaper lens and higher quality stuff even when using 6MP cam. At least that's my experience in case of teles >=300mm.
Bobby, I would agree with long teles and in wide angles. I shoot tele too - although sports instead of wildlife and there's no doubt you can tell the difference at 300mm between the Sigma 120-300 which I use and one of the cheaper 70-300 type lenses. No comparison when you look at an entire gallery of photos.

I think in the mid ranges though it can be very difficult to tell - especially with a lens stopped down. Again, I think as long as you understand a lenses weeknesses and avoid them if possible you can get some outstanding results.

Which, of course, is why sweeping generalizations are worthless. Every lens must be decided upon on a case by case basis and with regard to how the lens will be used by the photographer in question. Only with specific details can it be determined if a pro grade lens is worth the extra $$$.
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i have done a lot of research on lens and i have found out for every hundred people you get a hundred different thoughts . the same 3 exact lenses might have totally different quality. so the only way to tell is to try one and see what happens .
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I was in Best Buy today and was looking at the EOS30D when a salesman happened by. We had general conversation and I mentioned my old manual focus Tokina 80-200 F2.8 fixed aperture which I use on my Canon F1N which uses FD lenses (from 1982).

He suddenly said that lens will fit the 30D.I said sarcastically but good-naturedly that he was kidding and he said no, it will fit. I still don't believe this guy. If anything there may an adapterrunning around someplace, but not a clean fit. This guy can't be serious can he!

By the way, there was the Alpha 100, D80, XTI, even a 20D, and the 30D.

I handled them all, or atleast thebest I could consideringthey all had this theft gadget underneath them. I looked through the viewfinder onall of them and unless I got them crossed up, the D80 had the brightest viewfinder. That said, after reading reviews here and there onthose cameras having this and that I came to the conclusion the 30D's slightly dimmer finder wasn't even an issue with me. Heck, it appears to be as ''bright'' as my old F1N.

Further, I definitely like the slight heftiness of the 30D. With the exception of the D80, the other mentioned cameras seemingly were a little cramped to my hands. Not aggravating but considering the 30D's feel it made it seem that way. I can't palm a basketball so that tells you something about the size of my hands, or lack thereof. :-)

At any rate I sure would appreciate if someone could address the lens fit mentioned above if possible.

Finally I had written off my old lenses working with the 30D anyway so that isn't an issue because if I do purchase the 30D then I do believe my first lens purchase will be the Tamron 17-50/ f2.8.
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I just did a google this morning on the FD lenses/30D fit: no.
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JohnG wrote:
Which, of course, is why sweeping generalizations are worthless.
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