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pj1974 wrote:
hercules wrote:
MontereyJohn wrote:
Speaking of avatars, when I tried to put one up I saw it was limited to 15k. What the heck is that small? Smallest I can get one down to and still see it is about 30k. 200x200 at 72 pixels is over 100k.:?
Just take it below 200x200 i had to do that as well.
John: yes, Hercules is right. Maybe you'll need to make your avatar smaller than 200x200 pixels. But maybe more important, you probably need to save that as a compressed JPEG file (around 70-80% compression level will do fine) and then you'll get close(r) to 15kb.

My avatar is 183x150 pixels, but it depends on colour, saturation, sharpness and other factors what size the file will be. I saved it around 75% JPEG compression to get a 15kb size file (perfect for the avatar).

Maybe Hercules, you can give other advice / techniques, details of your avatar(s).

Paul PS John, I just sent you a private message, see "new messages" at top right of this forum area.

and PPS here is a little edit (again 30 seconds worth) of one of your previous posted gull on the rocks photo / post...
Nicely put Pj
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By George, I think we've got it!

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