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Iam buying a rebel xt. The salesperson suggested the body only, and going with the tamron 28-300 or the 18-200 lens.I have looked into the sigma 28-300 lens,which is cheaper. I also thought ofbuying the canon lens 55-200, and getting the camera with the standard 18-55 lens that comes with it. Which brand is the better choice? I have heard that the canon 18-55 is not a good lens. My goal is to photograph landscape, portrait & some macro.
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The Add-On Lenses Forum you started this thread in is for add-on lenses used by non-DSLR (permanently attached lens) type camera models.

For DSLR lens questions for a Canon DSLR, you'll probbly have a better chances of getting useful responses in our Canon Lenses Forum

So, I've moved this thread there for you.
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Since it seems like you're on a budget. I'd go with the SIGMA 18 - 125 DC or the kit lens and something that goes up to at least 100 mm. Since you mentioned landscapes, you'll need at least 18 mm on the Xt.

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Get the Sigma 18-200. I've had mineon my XTfor over a month now and it's the best walk-around lens for the money. It's sharp, fast, the color saturation is excellent, and it's very light. It's hardly any larger than the 18-55 kit lens. For the money you can't beat this lens.

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Old Oct 3, 2005, 8:05 AM   #5
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well, if that same salesperson said that the lens kit isn't a good lens, you should slap him. if you have a lens with a large zoom range then you're sacrificing optical quality for convenience. The kit lens is pretty good if you're doing sunny outdoor shots or flash photography.

My suggestion is the the kit lens + the sigma 70-300 APO. Landscapes/group shots can be done by the kit lens, while the other one can do single portraits/macro (as well as other things). If you would only prefer one lens then maybe the sigma 18-200.

Another thing to note is if the salesperson tries selling you some cheap UV filter... telling you how it'll protect your camera... *slap! ... It is sooo not worth it to get that... I got a skylight filter for free when i got my sigma 30 ... and i tried it... okay so i couldn't tell too much of a difference in optics, but the paint on the filter chips off every time i screw it on or off... the chips get on my LENS which I'm trying to protect and if I try rubbing it off with a cloth, then I'll probably scratch it. Cheap filters= bad.

In this case, i wouldn't even get a protection filter for the kit lens... the good filters cost almost as much as the kit lens, itself...
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I've got the Sigma for my XT. I must say it isn't a bad lense, but it could use a wider range on the F stop. Its tough to get a good picture in darker settings in full telephoto without a tripod.

And I think the kit lense is great. I've taken many excellent shots with it.

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Old Oct 12, 2005, 5:48 PM   #7
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I never buy a lens that tries to handle the wide angle and the tele zoom in one lens.

Usually it doesn't do either well.

Your probably better off to buy a "walk around" lens for general photography, then specific lenses for other needs you might have.

The kit lens is a good lens but not a great lens. You could probably get a decent mid-range third party zoom for about $300-500 dollars that should handle the wide angle up to about 100mm or so.

Buying one huge honker stonker lense to try to handle 28-200 is not the best move, in my opinion.

If you're into landscape, I would have to agree with wsandman1. What your really looking for is the wide end. Something between 15-20mm at the wide end.

I have a Tarmon AF17-35 F2.8-F4 which is a nice lens for about $500.

You might want to spend some time on www.pbase.com and look at some examples of shots taken with different lenses. There should be tons of landscape examples.

-- Terry

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