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Hi there, i've been scanning the forums and think im even more confused than i was before!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Basically I am looking for some help on getting some new lenses for my Canon 350D. I already own the kit 18-55 and I also own a canon ef75-300 4-5.6 III USM. So I am pretty much covered for the long distance telphoto stuff.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"My general interest in picture taking,are portrait (indoor (looking to get into studio type portraits) and outdoor) Im also keen to have a good lense to take Landscape shots, especially as this year see's me travlelling around the wrold a few times to places like table mountain etc. I also want a general lense for snap type shots, when out and about.

What do you recommend? I was thinking of maybe a prime lense for portrait stuff, but what you think about landscape etc, I was looking also at the possibilities of maybe a 18(24)-105(125) etc lense, but not so sure now having read some of the reviews on here. I'm just a bit worried about filling my bag with Prime lenses only to find im always having to change lense every five seconds.

Any help appreciated!!!


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You have many needs here and one lens isn't going to do it all.

Possibly a nice walk around lens is your kit lens or a Canon 17-85 IS.

Certainly the landscape is best served by a wide angle zoom. You could use your kit lense or the 17-85 or go for an even wider angle lens starting at 10-12mm.

Usually portrait is considered to be 80mm in film terms, or about a 50m lens with cropping on a rebel XT. Your kit lens has the 50mm focal lengthas does the 17-85 I mentioned.

If you wanted to do 50mm in a prime lens, youcould get theCanon 50mm F1.8 prime which is a steal at about $80 US. It's not a "pro" lens but it's a good lens.

Beyond that, if your looking at pro lens applications, you have to be really specific about the type of work you want to do, and get recommendations from pro's that do the work

For instance, if you really plan topro portraiture, then seek out pro's who spend a lotof time doing portraits (studio?) like a wedding photog or some of thefashion photographers on this site.

good Luck! Terry

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Thanks for your help, really much appreciated.

I do use my Kit lens quite a bit, using the telephoto(70-300) for trips to the zoo and airport etc. but i sometimes feel that the kits lens and the telephoto have that gap in between, (which obviously they do) So taking into account your other points regariding the other lenses you talk about for the other styles, what do you or anyone think is a good lense to cover the range between the two. I just feel I could do with something that still has an element to take things that are not right in front of me but still have the ability to have a wide end aswell to enance the "walk about feature" hence why i was considering something like the 18/24-105/135 lenses, if i do get one of these what do you recommend? Or do you think the 17-85 you mentioned would be a better option/lense?

I'll hunt some more for info about the other lenses for more specific applications.


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I lived in Shanghai until a month ago ...
It's very often foggy/smoggy so you might want a polarizer to cut out the glare for cityscapes.
A decent walk-about with non-rotating front is a good idea.
Canon 17-85IS or Sigma 18-50f2.8 probably the best value (I have the sigma). Either are also pretty useful for portraits.
I used a Sigma 70-300 a fair bit too, but didn't have a polarizer for it (and it rotates which makes it a pain anyway). Good for close ups of buildings, people shots, all sorts. A long lens with IS would have been lovely to have ...
Shanghai looks great at night so you'll want a tripod. You can buy a flimsy one there (that will just about hold the 350 + 70-300) so cheap that you can throw it out before you leave and not blink.
Cheap but quality tripods and ball-heads (and other gear too - lenses cheaper there than Australia anyway) available in a camera mall on the 3rd floor of a building opposite Shanghai train station. It's bloody difficult to find with no signs in English. There's a supermarket on the ground floor. It's the only place in town for decent gear though so it's worth looking through all the buildings aroung the station til you find it if you're looking for new kit...
Have fun!

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