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Default 16-35mm f2.8 vs 17-40mm f4 for D60? Your thoughts?

16-35mm is $1,500. 17-40mm is $800. Generally I believe in buying the best glass I can afford. Anyone had actual experience with both or read any reliable review/comparisons? BTW I shoot available light, no tripod, so the faster 2.8 has it's advantages in low light situations like interiors of SE Asian markets or temples. Also with a polarizer and loosing a stop the f2.8 makes up for it too.
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I would search on the forums at dpreview.com and see what people there think of those lenses. They get so much traffic that things get missed... but its a gear-head forum to the extreme, so I wouldn't be surprised if people have talked about those lenses and you'll find lots of info.

You could also check out fredmiranda.com, which has a review section. Unfortunately, they are done by whoever, but if there are enough of them you can look for trends across all the posts.

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Default 17 - 40, Not 17 - 35

The original questions was about comparing the performance of the 16 - 35L to the new 17 - 40L. The link to Fred Miranda's review (above) is to the 17 - 35L comparison; not the new 17 - 40.

Following is a link to an excellent thread dealing with the original question posed above. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...essage=5829403

If the performance of the new 17 - 40 lens is generally as good as the one seen in the comparison later on in that thread (see here)

then this is a heck of a value at $800.
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