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I'll be heading to Disneyworld with the family in 2 weeks and then to the Swiss Alps in early February. I like to travel light and would like a general purpose lens and am willing to spend up to $750 US. I recently purchased a 20D and have the 18-55 EFS lens, which I have been happy with except I would like some additional reach and I think I need a faster lens for indoor shooting. I seem to be forced to use the flash for everything inside.

The Disney trip will consist of family photos, fireworks, 4 year old on rides, etc. The Switzerland trip will be landscape photos and pictures of villages, buildings, etc.

Is there a lens that would be recommended? I have been strongly considering the 17-85 IS EFS, but these forums have some strong opinions against it. I would also like to know if it would be better than the 18-55 for indoor shooting given it has IS or should I add the 50mm 1.4 or 1.8?

Thanks - this site is incredible and I have been spending hours reading and learning from everyone's experience and expertise.
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jkaser From what I have read, the 18x55 is not that great great a lense. I can not speak from experience, but, I can talk the about the 17x35.

I really like this lense. It has a lot of what I use a lense for in the length group of 17x85. The wider angle is very useful, expecially with the .60 % crop of the didgital cam. I is much sharper than the lenses I came from [Pentax] and the focus is quick and positive. The IS is not a toy and works well also. Many people try to compare this to an L lense which it isn't, but unless you are going to make larger [my 8x10's look super] this lense might work well for you.

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The 17-85 EFS ISis clearly meant to be for DSLRs (w/1.6 crop) what the 28-135EF IS is to film and otherfull frame cameras.

It is an excellent zoom range. I use the 28-135 on my DRebel as my walk around lens and would gladly trade a bit of tele for some more wide.

If the 17-85 performs as well or better than the 28-135 I think it will make an excellent walk-around lens for the 20D. If you are an amateur like me, you don't mind boosting the ISO a bit for a little more speed and the IS allows shutter speeds so slow subject motion rather than camera shake becomes the limiting factor.

Alot of people seem to think that inexpensivefull-frame DSLRs are just around the corner (can't use EFS lenses) but be that as it may, I am looking at that lens myself. I just haven't seen much about it's sharpness, build, etc.

that's my 2 cents.

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