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Originally Posted by Widowmaker View Post
You know you could always rent a 2x and just see how it does for you as well.
you could also rent the 400 5.6 with it, and do a side-by-side comparison on your camera. give you even more info, and renting for a few days isn't that terribly expensive.
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Good idea.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
If it doesn't include the transfer of umpteen thousand quid, I don't want to hear it.
several thousand pounds did indeed exchange hands TCav..

Hiring gear in the Uk (as far as i can google) is a little difficult as it seems there are very few companies that offer this service, in the town where i live, apart from the major electricals, there is really only one outlet thats a dedicated photographic shop and as a family run business their range of products is somewhat limited, but they are very friendly people and willing to help where they can.
At the end of the day tho as best IQ is my bag, looks like its the 400 f5.6, love to have a go with the 400 f2.8 though... i'd need a small lotto win to buy one though me thinks
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Not sure if the camera shop local to you would allow you to take the 2x TC out for a play for a couple of hours if you tell them that you are going to buy either that or the 400mm f5.6 from them. My local shop down in the South West is great, they know me and my credit card well so are always happy to help me spend some more money with them. This is often the advantage of a local shop, not always the cheapest but will do more to win your business.
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