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It's sort of like trying to recommend underwear, isn't it? Too many factors to consider with too little info. :roll:

Just using the camera for "snapshots"? Family, zoo, vacations, pets, personal enjoyment, and only want one lens? The Sig 18-125 is probably the best choice for the money.

Need sharp, high quality images and want the creativity that control over DOF that a large aperture gives you and still wnat a zoom? One of the faster 2.8 lenses available (my choice was the Sig 24-70 for the moment).

Need total DOF and low-light capability? Try a bag full of primes, or at least include two or three to cover a general range of wide, medium and near-telephoto.

Thong, bikini briefs, whitie-tighties, or boxers? Only you can decide what fits you best! :O
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LOL!!! well put randy... :lol:
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It's all boil down to is 'IS' worth the extra $400 - if it's not, go for the flexibility of the longer range and spend that extra money on a 70-400 f/4 L or something...

Do you think this photographer need 'IS'?: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic2/143791
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