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I took my new 20D and my Sigma 18-200 on a weekend cruise a week ago. I took some sunset photos and they almost all have flare in them. From the lighter ones to the darker ones, flare flare and more flare.

Here is a link to the full size image....around 2.5mb. pic ... http://www.jeffesplace.com/IMG_0665.jpg

My question is what is this root cause of this. I have the new Sigma 18-200, I have a Quantaray UV filter on it. Is there a way to avoid flare? Is it a lens issue? Could it be the filter? Is it my technique? Any help and advice would be appreciated. I had taken some sunset photos with the Kit lens and I didn't have this problem but this sunset was much brighter and on water. So not really a fair comparison I don't think.

All in all, the lens worked out pretty good for me. I haven't used a DSLR before so it is hard for me to tell if some of the issues I saw with the pics was me, the lens, or just DSLR in general. I did notice that if there was one color that was dominant in the picture, the photo seemed to be tented more to that color. Auto Levels in Photoshop had alot more affect on the photos that came from it than they did with my G3. I took some awesome time exposures that just turned out phenominal in my opinion. We were in port until 2AM and I got some awesome pics of the ships at night. Just had lots of fun taking photos, almost filled up by 2GB card.

Anyways, thanks in advance for those that help!
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I don't see any flare on the one you posted so you are going to have to tell me what you are talking about.
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It's the orange halo type thing around the sun. I have pointed to it in this crop. I think that is flare....correct me if I am using the wrong term.

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You also need to understand you are shooting directly at the sun.

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Any filter that adds another air/glass interface can contrbute to lens flare. But what you have is an overdriven sensor, not lens flare.

For real lens flare, a lens shade can help, as can not letting very bright things(like the sun) hit the front of the lens at any angle.

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