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I saw some pro photographers on TV that had duck tape stuck over the switches of their canon zoom lenses. I'd read in reviews of the 70-200L lens that one bad thing was how easy it is to change the switch positions accidentally.

I never thought much about it until I did it myself three times in a row. Even when I knew I had just done it and was being extra careful I STILL moved the switch as I picked up the camera.

Duck tape looked messy so I tried this. Just got a strip of self adhesive Velcro (The fluffy part) and stuck it to some blast felt I had lying around. The got the hook part of the Velcro and stuck it to the back of the first bit at one end. I sewed it on too to make sure it never pulled off.

It seems a good solution. Being black it's discrete and being soft on the back means it won't mark the lens after hours of use and it's instant to remove when I need to set/check the switches and to put on it it just wraps round and sticks to itself.

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Nice idea.

hummm... I wonder if there is a way to do that to the diopter dial?

But I do find that that dial is often shifted the next time I pick up my camera to use. I gotta be bumping it somewhere.

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