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Well I will have $800 in about 2 months and I would like to know what would be the best bang for my buck kind of lens?

I want to be able to shoot stuff very far away and yet at the same time very close up without changing the lens. Thank you Derek

and I want something along the liens of 200mm or more.


My photo forum.

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long and short --- BIGMA.

the 50-500 sounds the best lens for ur need at around 800 bucks

It is def heavier that the current arsenal of lens u have. It has HSM(Similar to USM) and focusses really fast.

It isnt the super speed lens. But imagine a 50-500 f2.8 lens. It would not only resemble a tank but also weigh as much as a tank

Other options-

simga 100-300 with a 1.4x tele. This set up will come to around 1000 new and 800 in used market.

70-200 F4 with a 2X converter. I ahve seen people use this combo very much. This set up will cost u around 650 dollors. Get a used 70-200F4. This is currently priced in the used market from 475-525. A 2x converter will be around 150-200.


the above user uses the 70-400 with a 2X tele. And all his pictures were taken from the rebel XT at 400(*1.6) ~640mm

and the text from a chat with him

"actually I use a Tamron 2x TC behind my 70-200 f4 lens ... but as I tape the contact pins to retain AF, the camera do not know about the TC so it is presuming that I am shooting at 200 f4 "

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much. is the Bigma some sort of the knock off on sigma lens?
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