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the 24-70 is a heavy big azz lens and well priced too
go with the 17-55 or 18-75 and spend the extra money on a softbox or off camera flash or a remote trigger or whatever accy you may choose
that might give you extra light
i scarificed 2.8 for a 24-105 mm lens and it is a beautey
no doubt your stuck at f4 but i used the extra cash to buy me a speedlight 580exII and some cheaper flash accessories off ebay from FOTO4EASY
if your doing weddings an assistant, in some cases kids or family members, can help with off camera flash for extra light
churches however are different but the you have a 1.4 or 1.8 to compensate right
good luck
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Hello! Me and my wife have shot two paid weddings now with a Tokina 12-24 DX PRO f4 lens, a Canon nifty-fifty and a Canon 24-70L lens. I personally love the 24-70L lens. For me its a perfect lens. We also shoot with Canon 50D.

Im going to get a Canon 50mm f1,8 and a Canon 85 f1,8 too, to use for both weddings and portraits.

Best regards/Daniel
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Guys, thanks for the advice. So far I have bought a 24-105L (our first L lens) and a 5D body.

That gives us
5D (classic)

Canon 24-105L
Canon 50 1.4
Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 HSM
Sigma 18-125 3.5-5.6 DC (probably not to be used at a wedding)
Sigma 70-300 4-5.6 APO (only decent in good light)

Funds are pretty much tapped out now with the purchase of a new 24-105L and a gently used 5d (as well as a almost perfect condition used 10D for a 15 year old daughters birthday, it was actually cheaper than most of the older silver rebels).

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Looks like a pretty good setup. I would work mainly with a mix of the 24-105 and 50mm on the 5D and 17-70 and 50mm on the 50D. There is nothing wrong with popping the 24-105 on the 50D either. There are times you can get some nice candids using the the 70-300mm and actually I would give it a bash on the 5D. Reason being is you will get a shallow DOF if you frame the same from the same position as you do when using it on the 50D or 30D. Also, although it isn't a great lens, the larger size pixels of the 5D won't show up flaws quite as much as long as you use the sweeter centre areas so don't put key elements in the corners. So f5.6 at 200 or so mm with the 5D will still give a nice shallow DOF when taking say a 3/4 or head shot but still have OK sharpness for normal size prints.

The best thing is just get out and use the combos, find what works for you and your style. Find where lenses are strong and where they are weak. For example the 24-105 really isn't great at about 70mm so I try to avoid this.... can't always do so but just good to be aware of.
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