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timflemmo May 10, 2003 5:27 AM

Cannon 10D - Lenses???
I am Looking into buying the new Cannon 10D and need a little help deciding what lenses to buy.

I will be using it for Surf photography when i get home but will mostlly be used for snap shots and scenery while traveling.

If i were to buy two EF lenses, what would you guys reccommend.

Baring in mind i wont have the largest wallet left after the innitial purchuse.....!

Thanks in advance,


eric s May 10, 2003 12:46 PM

How picky are you? Give us a good idea of your price range.

You gave us some good info on how you will use it (more than some) so this helps. Here are the comments I can make.... other might have other opinions.

Althought it isn't the sharpest lens, a very popular lens is this one:
Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Image Stabilized

Focuses fairly fast, IS is handy if you don't want to carry a tripod and it has a fairly wide zoom range. I've also heard some people complain that it isn't "tack sharp". For most people its fine, for others it isn't good enough. Unfortunately, after you apply the 1.6x the zoom isn't best thing for some "scenery" shots. A good web price from a reputable store around $400USD.

For Surf photography, you need a longer reach than that lens. Here are two choices:

Canon EF 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 USM AutoFocus Wide Angle
I don't know a lot about this lens. For what I do, it doesn't have enough reach, so I haven't researched it. Since you'll be taking pictures outdoors on good days, you don't need the fastest (lowest f-stop) lens, so this will help reduce the price. Its still USM, so it will focus fast. I don't know if this has a long enough reach, though. It costs about $360USD.

I don't think you want to spend the money for the 100-400L. It's a very nice lens with good reach and IS. Some say it isn't sharp enough (and the pictures prove it) other say its great (and have pictures to prove it. I chalk it up to wider quality control than we want. Some are good, some are not. But it's $1,399, which is probably too much for you.

Oh, and I wanted to point out that those links are to adorama. I've heard some rather bad things recently about that store, so I wouldn't suggest you buy there. But their web page is so easy to use, I go there out of habit.

barthold May 12, 2003 10:41 AM


I'm also looking for some lens feedback. I'm considering 3 lenses, but would like the groups feedback on my ideas first :-) First of all, what would you recommend to get your standard 50mm lens snap-shot pictures? Because of the 1.6x focal length, would you use a 28mm or a 35mm? What about distortion (if any) because these are wide-angle lenses?

Then for moderate zoom and maybe a portrait occasionally the EF 28-90 II USM looked attractive.

For the long range wildlife shooting one of the EF 75-300 looked good to me. I'm wondering if it is worth paying for the IS, especially since the IS version of that lens is a lot heavier than the non-IS one.

My budget definitely excludes any L lenses. I'm trying to keep the whole setup (10D body, extra battery, carry cases and lenses) around $2500. That leaves $800 or so for lenses.

Oh, 90% of my pictures are outdoor.


NHL May 12, 2003 3:51 PM

Have you guys considered the Sigma EX series?

@ 28mm with the 1.6x factor it's not going to be really wide!
I'm thinking about the 17-35mm f2.8 and the 70-200mm IF APO also f2.8. They are both fast and quiet ultrasonic motor just like the Canon's at a much more affordable cost. (ie an affordable effective 320mm @ f2.8 finally!) 8) 8) 8)

There's also match 1.4x and 2x converters for it as well...

barthold May 12, 2003 8:35 PM

I don't know a thing about Sigma really. How's their quality? I should look into it I guess ;-) Call me conservative, but I would like to stay with Canon accesories / lenses unless there's a really good reason to go with some other brand.


NHL May 12, 2003 8:58 PM

A good reason is usually cost... They have a standard line and then there's the EX's professional line which has the wide aperture and internal focus (so the element doen't rotate) for that polarizer adjustment! 8)

Also some of theses zoom are APO and all have the HSM (Sigma's USM equivalent), but it's up to you. I'm looking at a few Canon lenses as well mainly the wide aperture fixed focal ones...

eric s May 12, 2003 10:17 PM

From what I've read the Sigma's HSM aren't as good as Canon's. They are good (and definitely better than not having it) but they aren't as good. But they do have (sometimes? Always?) full time manual override. That is very handy.

Also, they are hit and miss. Not all the EX lens line is created equal. I've heard good things about that 70-200 2.8 you mention. I'd check that one out. But I'd be prepaired to return a few before I got one as sharp as I'd like.

The other two downsides are that they usually loose more (in %) in resale value than an equivalent Canon. Sure, the Canon resells for more (they should, they cost more) but I'm talking in % of the origional cost. #2 From what I've read, every time Canon comes out with a new body, some portion of Sigma lenses don't work with it. Sure, Sigma offers to repair/upgrade them (probably for the cost of shipping, but maybe they pay for that too?) but that is a hassle I don't want.

On the other hand, if you pick and choose properly you can get something which is good enough for a lower cost. Not every one needs "sharp as a tack" and therefor it would be a waste to spend the extra money on the Canon equivalent.

I'm a fan of:

It covers more info that:

which many people worship. I found that this hasn't been updated in 2-3 years so it's starting to miss some of the newer lenses. And MTF graphs aren't everything.

I do agree with NHL about internal focusing. That is a handy thing if you can get it, as is HSM or USM. Those don't alway matter, but when they do, you'll either have a harder time or miss the shot.

Oh, and I forgot:

But be careful here and read many of the reviews and read who wrote them. It isn't perfect, but if lots of people like it, then there is a higher chance that it's good. Many aspects of a lens are subjective (sharp enough for me could be soft for you. Too heavy for one person is "just right" for another.)

barthold May 12, 2003 10:35 PM

Thanks guys/gals! That is good information, very helpful.

Did any of you have any experience with the IS feature on some of the Canon lenses? Seems like this is the first generation lenses with IS from Canon. Any first generation anything makes me nervous, maybe I should wait till the bugs are flushed out.

Definitely want to go with USM (or equivalent) lenses.

NHL, you mentioned 28mm with a 1.6 focal multiplier is not going to be very wide. True, but 1.6 x 28 = 45mm effectively, which is still a bit wider than a 'standard' 50mm. Hence I thought to just get a decent 28mm lens, and use that as my default one.


NHL May 13, 2003 5:11 AM


NHL, you mentioned 28mm with a 1.6 focal multiplier is not going to be very wide. True, but 1.6 x 28 = 45mm effectively, which is still a bit wider than a 'standard' 50mm. Hence I thought to just get a decent 28mm lens, and use that as my default one.
...That's true; However I'm spoiled by my 28-200mm small and compact D7. You'll need 3 lenses and an already heavy body to lug around to cover all the angles... There's practically no difference between 45 and 50mm. It's the flexibility in composition and the change in perspective that you want. 28mm only is too much of a gap! Beside you'll waste some time changing the lens, and also exposed to the elements that can get between the lenses and the camera... :cry:

IMO f2.8 is more important in the long lens since its that shallow depht of field that you can't get with compact digicams! Of course you can get f2.8 in Canon's line but you'll be paying through your nose for it... That fixed Canon 50mm f1.0; however, you just can't get it anywhere else (Whoa an 80mm wide aperture equivalent on a 10D), imagine that for special effect! 8) 8) 8)

IS is a nice to have but not essential... What have photographers done all this time? If you can't hold the camera steady then you shouln't be taking picture in the first place! What's wrong with just a monopod beside helping you scaling all thoses mountains? One can compensate for camera shake, but not the DOF! :D

BTW I still have that older Canon 50mm f1.2 lens but in FD mount. :oops: ... I usually get what I want and re-sale is not an issue, since I'll always keep all my gears if not just for collecting...

timflemmo May 13, 2003 7:38 AM

Thanks guys,

Really needed some help...cheers :D

I've read as many reviews / tech specs as i can for help, but i always seem to end up back at the start.

I Find something i want and then find something better, then on and on till i drive myself insane.

I think i need to just get out there and spend.

I'm not after the sharpest Lense in the world most of my work is going to be for websites(with the occasional blow up of myself Surfing) so doesn't need to be that brilliant.

I'm looking at about $400 U.S max, so yeah if there are Sigma lenses that compare to Cannon!! I'm There

Very much like to keep it all cannon though....Love the brand



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