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rblnt Jun 24, 2011 4:58 PM

canon 17-55 f2,8 problem
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I've Canon 17-55mm f2,8 lens (4 months old).
2-3months ago there was the same problem seen on photo attached
you see that black corners only on wide end around 17-20mm. after 20mm that it disappears. (it was a family photo so please ignore blurry part)
3 times again happened after that time. all happened sunny days after 1-2 hours walkaround, 30-40 shots later.
when I see that, I changed the lens. 20mins later changed again and it was gone.
What do you think is the problem? Any recommendation on how to solve?
I suspect two of the shutter blades get stuck somehow
though I m never sure of it.

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