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I'm stuck. I'm debating between the non-IS version vs. the IS-version of the Canon 70-200 f/4L. I don't do any action shots, or photography shots, but plan on doing more landscape/architectural shots, as well as minimal general photography. Rarely, I'll be doing action shots of cars at the local race track. That being said, should I spring for the IS version, or would the non-IS version suit the needs I have in mind? I know that the AF on the non-IS version is slower, but with what i've stated, i'm not sure if the IS is worth the extra coin at this time.

Opinions needed, thanks for reading

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If you can afford the extra cost of the IS version - buy it, IS can be useful with your landscape/architecture shots, but it won't help you to freeze action. If you get a non-IS, you won't be disappointed either - optically both are great lenses.
btw I have a non-IS version and quite happy with it, but my usual subjects are never static :-)
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the IS version is the sharpest 70-200 Zoom available in the market. Ifu can afford, i would say go for the IS version. I myself am thinking about swaping my f2.8 with the f4 is version. i can use the extra money for a prime say 200 classic.
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Old Feb 16, 2008, 10:32 PM   #4
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im planning on getting the 70-200 f4 L soon too, after my wii gets sold on ebay, i will have a lot of money coming my way and with a little bit of working i should have one coming my way, all i have right now is the kit lens and it sucks! i know i need something better, and what better then an L class
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IS can be very helpful when working in lower light/narrow aperture/non tripod situation.

Everything points to lovely sharp results with this lens and there is only one other option that I would consider if weight is not an issue and that is the Sigma 100-300mm f4 which gets wonderful results both with and without a 1.4x TC as well as being 50% longer. Worth a look IMHO.
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