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Are four stops worth almost twice the cost? Non is version is $565. Is version is $949. Much as I want the Is version for my 30D, it does make you wonder if it's worth the difference.
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It really is a matter of what you are shooting.

Let's take a similar example using one of the other mods and myself. JohnG is a very solid sports shooter so when going to a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 he opted for the non IS version as the IS wouldn't help him capture the action but with the 2.8 the non IS is a littler sharper so that was the win.

For me when looking at the same lens I went for the IS version as I shoot weddings as well as sports so the ability to shoot non moving subjects in low light without flash is a huge help.

So you are in the same boat really (although I can't comment on sharpness on either f4 option) is IS going to help you out, what sort of shooting will you do?
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Might be worth considering a 70-200mm F/2.8 Canon, Sigma or Tamron lens.

I don't think I'd pay nearly $1,000 for an F/4 image stabilized lens.
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This is an oft discussed subject on other forums. The f4 vs f4 IS is a bit different animal as the IS version is quite a bit sharper than the non-IS version. Unlike the 2.8 lenses where the non-IS is slightly sharper. The f4 IS is sharper than any of the 2.8 lenses as well. Which makes it a tough call to go 2.8. As with everything else, it's a trade-off. What feature is really the most important to YOU? The non-IS is certainly no slouch. The others have spoken about the aspects of IS vs. non-IS.

I will say this - there are always a lot of 70-200 f4 lenses for sale used. It's a great lens, so why do you think so many are for sale? The reason being people sell it to buy either a 2.8 because they need the faster shutter speed or the f4 IS to get the better sharpness and IS. Not saying DONT buy the f4 non-IS just giving you some food for thought.
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Using this as an all around lens, I do want the IS. I would also like to have a 2.8 lens, but I just don't want that much bulk to carry around. I think that f4 will work as a portrait lens, so Im thinking I should bite the bullet and pay for the IS or I'll regret it later. Thanks for your comments.

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