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I'm confident the OP meant the 70-200mm f/4L. ;-)
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I agree, although I'm liking the thought of 20-700mm f4...... can you imagine how large that would be though LOL.
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Actually, I'm sure it is the 20-700mm F4 IS L lens that's the culprit. But I'm willing to be kind and buy it off you for $20 (if you could pay postage costs.... how large is that lens by the way!) The zoom range is handy, but you don't want a lens that produces dark spots. (this is a joke!)

Ok seriously now, all jokes aside, I'm also 90% sure those spots are dust on the sensor. As Mark and Jim have suggested (and I agree) - you might need to use the "swipe" method of cleaning the sensor.

My trusty Canon 350D (Rebel XT) has taken over 60,000 photos in all sorts of climates and conditions in many countries over the last 4 years. From the tropics of SE Asia to snow capped mountains in Europe, from beaches near my home to wet rainforest to Australia's arid outback.

Over this time I have cleaned the sensor using the blower about 12 - 15 times. The blower method usually dislodges most of the dust. Then when some stubborn dust particles remained I used the wet / swipe method on 3 occasions only. Each time the sensor came out almost perfectly clean after the swipe method.

While I do change lenses frequently even outdoors, I am careful when I do this - e.g. never doing it on a windy day at the beach, nor say after I have just sat down on a couch (sofa) or bed, as this will release dust particles into the air. Do be careful cleaning the sensor, a soft and methodical approach is needed - but is effective!

All the best. Do let us know how you go.

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