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Default Canon Lens

I am interested in getting a good quality everyday lens without buying an L series. I am looking at the 28-135mm IS USM II and the 28-105mm USM II.

I prefer the 28-135mm, but out of stock in a lot of places. I am going on a trip and need it this weekend so the quality is more important at this point.

Are they both good lenses and will I get sharp results. Thanks.
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Go with the 28-135. You get IS with that one, and a bit longer reach. My preference, in order, would be the 28-135, 24-85, 28-105. I just checked. B&H has the 28-135 in stock for $400.

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I'm a fan of the Sigma 28-105 f2.8 to 4. Pretty fast and isn't too expensive. I'd rather have an extra stop of aperature than an extra stop given to me by IS.

With the ability to change ISO values on the fly I don't thing that IS is such a big deal.

I used this lens for my shots that are on my web photo essay.
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I kind of generally agree with ursa here on the merit of f/2.8 over f/4, but also let's not forget that IS does not really come for free... Each time you hear that IS motor whirring means that you've just lost a few more pictures that you could have taken if that extra IS motor didn't rob them from the the battery instead! :lol:
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With the 28-135 lens, IS can be switched of. Sofar I found a single battery last long enough even with IS and auto focus. In case of doubt carry a second battery.
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