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Originally Posted by rothwellsmith View Post
Lot of great comments.

I've read a lot about the 15-85mm being great quality bang for buck in an all purpose walk around lens.

I also like the comments about renting a lens and trying it out (especially before paying some big $$$)- and so did some looking into that and for like 100 bucks i can get one for a week to try out - probably money well spent.

and to JustinThyme: I think it depends what country you're from ;-) Canadians say 'Rowing' and 'coach boat' - ever heard the term 'way enought' what the heck is that...i think thats Australian..?? Tomato / Tomahto LOL. Thanks for your comments - I would hate to be 'too short' - gonna try and get my hands on a few to 'test' out.

Happy Holidays to all!
My wife would cringe at rowing and coach boat. She competed in Canada back in the early 80s in the Canadian nationals (the first US team to get invited) in high school. They took the US nationals and won the Canadian nationals too. Thats how she got recruited by an Ivy league school. I just told her what you said and she is laughing really hysterically. She said that St Catherines in Canada, Mike Thompson especially, was very anal about it and it was crew and launch.
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Hey Guys - here's an update. Thanks to all of you for your recomendations and advise. I think the best advice was to rent a couple lenses, try them and then see what I'm shooting and decide what is best.

2 lenses stood out- the 70-200mm F/2.8 L II - and the 100-400mm F/4-5.6 L

Had some good use of the 70-200mm F/2.8 II - I think this lens gave me sharper images and i feel better pictures overall. However, Justinthyme was totally right in that i found i was still too far away. Getting right into the face of the athletes and getting a really clear pic without 'over cropping' makes for some awesome pics.

The 100-400 F/4 - found it less easy to use than the 70-200. The slide mechanism definitely took some getting use to in tracking and framing quickly. But after a while and after reviewing many of my keepers - i found i was shooting alot in the range of 300mm-400mm. In Portrait mode I got some good bokeh (but found it to be richer and better on the 70-200).

Anyways - i think i've decided to pick me up a 100-400mm L.

Thanks again - here are some pics.

First pic was from the 70-200 and the 3rd and 4th from the 100-400mm
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