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Sorry, sorry, sorry... I know this has been done thousands of times and I've certainly read hundreds of these posts myself, but... I know there are also new lenses introduced and differing opinions. After research and delay, just hoping for some quick, "I love it" and "you can't go wrong" suggestions from others.

About to order an external flash and a few other accessories, really hoping for advice on a good lens for CHILDREN, CLOSE RANGE, FAIRLY FAST. Some outdoors, some range okay. No real personal experience with lots of zooms and benefits. Again, for the next year or so, I'll generally always be within 15 feet of toddlers, mostly very close, 8 feet or less. A bit of a gadget freak and not entirely scared of having a paper weight for later on or a cheap present for a friend/family member... This doesn't have to be my last ever lens.

I REALLY WANT SOMETHING THE NEXT STEP ABOVE MY KIT LENS AND THE 50mm prime. Hope I've answered the "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE SHOOTING" question. I've gotten and understand the "it's not your equipment" comments and had my "it's all about the light" AH HA moments. BUT, I also see others WOW'ED after a new lens purchase.

Next is budget... Preferably $500 or less. Not specific to any brand. Open to value.

THANKS! for any and all replies as I want to pull trigger today for some upcoming events.
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look at the sigma 17-70 or the tamron 17-50 .can't go wrong with either one based on what you said.
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Well - What is the kit lens lacking that you want to replace with? :idea:

Most of the lens we'll be recommending will have the same focal lenght as you kit lens only better built or faster, so it term of your overall ability to photograph things hasn't changed that much...

-> I would go out of the way I recommend a 70-200 f/2.8 (even a 50-150mm f/2.8 if you're concerned about weight)
IMO this focal lenght will offer you a different "viewpoint" or Field Of View: More a candid style of shots of what your children are doing, but from a greater distance without them noticing, and also acting more natural. It is still a "CLOSE RANGE" but from a distance if you know what I mean, and the bokeh on theses type of lenses are just amazing as opposed to a wider but faster 17-50 f/2.8 for example... The only problem is the cost will be sligthly more than $500 I'm afraid, but then if you spend $500 and not much has changed that's also not a wise investment...
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Canon EF 28mm f1.8


Sigma 30mm EX HSM f1.4
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Tamron 17-50mm
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Great question and perhaps "deja vu all over again" as you may have requested the same information in a similar post months ago.

I've added a light in the nursery after our discussed "ah ha" moment I had regarding lighting. Gotten much better pictures, softer colors, not the harshness from the built-in flash. No matters what though, I just don't seem to get tack sharp pictures. I like the pictures. They work, but I just still seem to feel like they should be sharper.

I'll work tomorrow to post some pics for suggestions and criticism. Again, just don't feel like I get extremely sharp photos but a small percentage of time. I do feel I'm pretty steady. Don't feel like "pulling the trigger" is causing shake. Just feel a majority of my pictures are rather soft. After seeing several others brag about how much sharper they thought their pictures were after a lens purchase. (Then again, I always feel like my car drives better after a car wash... No rhyme, reason or reality, but...) Just wanting to do everything I can to capture these next several months/years in my young family's life.
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