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Originally posted by Chris™
Hi @ll!

I bet, I'm not the only one who likes this lens.

Today I made further testing on my D30 with macro and I found out, that the minimum distance is shorter as Canon says ... it's less than 50cm ... I think something about 30cm.

O.k., it's not the perfect macro lens, but I think it's a very good allrounder for beginners or let's say for SLR starters like me.
Your right.....this lens sees the most use on my D30
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I've had very good results with this lens, but it bothers me that the front element is wobbly. I sent it to Canon twice, and they say it's okay, but it still bothers me. I'm afraid to put it in a case, on-camera, front down, for fear of damaging the front element. My 75-300 IS has much less play.

Does anyone have any comments on this? Am I being obssessive, or is play this unusual?

Thank you for your experience.

(I wish I had seen the marcros earlier. I just bought a 50mm macro, which I apparently didn't need.)
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Hi Robert,

don't worry ... the macro lens is definitly the better choice as a close-up lens ... the optics are better.

Regarding the wobbling ... I also have both lenses, the 28-135 IS and the 75-300 IS ... no wobbling.

But I have such wobbling on my good old Canon G1 ... a well know phenomenon ... and no problem.

I'm not shure, but I think it's nothing to worry about.
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I certainly wouldn't lose sleep over a tiny bit of wobble/slop in the lens barrel. It is quite common on those models but has no negative effects on their performance. I also have had the 16-35 2.8L since February and find it to be a wonderful wide angle zoom. It is sharp, fast and extremely well built. It is one expensive bugger (about $1340USD) but worth every cent in it's given catagory. Surely a improvement over the 17-35 which I found not as sharp, wouldn't focus as close and was not as well built (also had more distortion).
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