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How can I know if this lens has fungus or no, in the picture attached there seems to be some kind of stain, I believe for what I saw it's on the second lens starting from the front. The white dots are just dust.

It's a used 70-200 L 2.8 at 700$ (american dollars).

By the way, the stain is really difficult to see, I had to look a lot at the lens to find it, other people who checked the lens didn't find it either. And obviously I took the picture in the angle where the light reflects more of the stain and leveled up levels on pothoshop so it would be more visible to you. The iso was at 3200.

What do you think?

pd. Sorry for the grammar. English is not my mothertongue.
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IMO this is typical of a lens that has been through hot climate from an air conditioned room - Moisture has condensated inside the front elements and when it evaporated left some residues behind... I just went through this exercise from my birding trip in the Carribean

-> The same thing would happened I guess when one uses a lens in outdoor cold weather and took it back in a heated room... A lens case is probably the best solution as one allows the lens to slowly adapt to theses abrupt change in the environment!

You can probably send it out for cleaning

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thanks for the answer.

One more thing I'd like to know is, If I send it to clean or calibrate the focus, will the lens loose picture quality? (being it's quality the "L" type)
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Old Feb 7, 2008, 8:10 AM   #4
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i think it would gain in picture quality from how it is now, but i dont think it would loose any picture quality at all from a new 70-200 L lens
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Anybody have a lens cleaned?? What would the price be around?
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