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One lens would force me to try to take different kinds of shots with it, none of which would turn out very well, I'd be frustrated, and I'd give up.

If I could only have one lens, I wouldn't bother.
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For bird watching the telephoto mentioned gets my vote. As a 'general all purpose' I quite like my 15-85 EF-S lens for my 60D. My second vote, which I don't own, would be the 24-105L as a general all purpose.

I usually have the 15-85 on the 60D when need to switch between wide angle and a bit of reach. On the 5DII I generally have my 50 1.4 although, I am not shooting anything far far away where you 'd need detail when I have this lens on.
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I'm with Tcav. If I could only have one lens I'd buy a GX-1.
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Old Jan 23, 2012, 10:00 PM   #14
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70-200 2.8 l with an extender
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if I could have just 1 lens, than I would have my 500mm f/4 IS on my cameras. I do a lot of bird and wildlife photography and it is a fine lens for tripod or handheld.

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If I could only have one lens- then the Tamron 18-270 VR probably covers the most bases....
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Originally Posted by carylwithay View Post
I really like the camera and would like to buy an all purpose lens of good quality. I shoot birds primarily. Any suggestion?
There isn't one as the all purpose, good quality and shooting birds don't really go all that well together. Things that try to do everything are generally no good at anything. I would avoid if possible and get lenses that are geared up for the job.

I would say the more 'serious' lens options that have been mentioned are worth looking at, namely the Canon 100-400 and Sigma 50-500, and than add a cheap 18-55 for when you need wider angles.

If money and size allow then the Canon 500mm f4 will blow your mind for quality, pop a 1.4x TC on and you will be amazed at the quality and focal length. Problem is you will likely need a tripod when shooting with that
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I have no real problem using one lens for everything, but "everything" for me does not include a lot of things that other photographers like shooting.

My X100 has a fixed 23mm (35-equivalent) lens and I very seldom feel like I need anything else.

I even managed to get some bird photos with it a couple of weeks ago, probably not what you have in mind though


As a general all-round zoom lens I would choose the 15-85 for an APS-C camera and the 24-105 for 24x36. As the best fixed focal I would choose the 28 f1.8 for APS-C and a 50 1.4 for 24x36.
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MY travel kit is two lens. My 70-300L is by far the sharpest lens I own, but I have a 24-105L for a general walk around lens as it gives me a really good range for closer stuff.
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Old Feb 5, 2012, 7:40 PM   #20
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Similar to waoldrifleman, I usually have a 'two lens' travel kit. Most often that's the Canon 15-85mm and the Canon 70-300mm L. Both are sharp, contrasty, well built, fast & accurate USM focus and v effective IS.

And it fits into a decent sized shoulder bag for travel. If I am doing an 'outing' just for birds, I take along the 70-300mm L. If I'm doing landscapes (but no birds) I might take along my Sigma ultrawide zoom (10-20mm) instead of the 70-300mm L.

At other times I'll take my Canon 100mm macro (for macro, obviously, and the occasional candids / portraits). I can understand as peri wrote above, for his style - a prime can work well.

Hope you'll find the best 'balance', Caryl.

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