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I notice the OP is a moderator here, but the same post was on dpreview. Either he is seriously trying to spread the word and save others from Sigma lens problems, or he is an anti-Sigma troll.

I have the Sigma 12-24, 18-200OS, 70-300 APO, and 50-500. No problems with any of them. Even the $170 70-300. The 50-500 is the nature shooter's value king.

Canon 35 F2. First one defective, second had to be sent to Canon for AF problem. Canon 500mm F4L got sand in the outer AF ring two days beyond the one year warranty. Canon said "Too bad. It's out of warranty, and we wouldn't have fixed a sand problem under warranty anyway."

Just wanted to provide a little on the other side.
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I'd suggest you do a little legwork before you call me a troll. I might suggest actually reading my post here - stating I owned the Sigma 70-200 2.8 and still own the 120-300 2.8 and have not had a problem with either.

Do a little more research on my posting history and you'll see I regularly recommend the 120-300 and the 100-300 f4.

I stand by my post - it's an interesting read. If you're going to start the 'troll' nonsense please go back to dpreview. There's really no place at Steves for that nonsense.
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NHL wrote:
JohnG wrote:

To be fair my (now gone) 70-200 2.8 (non dg, non macro) and 120-300 2.8 (again non-dg) never had problems.
Theses two lenses you mentioned are of the EX series - which are superior built...
The ones they are refering to in the link are not.

-> I only buy the EX...
(... and really abusing the 150mm f/2.8 macro - Nothing else even compare)

LOL mine get abused big time too Lately for bird photography, i find C-focus very quick
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