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The image of the dragonfly was done with a Sigma 180EX. I have had this lens for years and I am comfortable with what it does. If I were to choose today it would no doubt be the Sigma 150 as it is faster than my old 180 and that would allow me to make use of the faster focus on the 20D. I like the longer focal lenths as I shoot a lot of florals and I like the extended work distance which enables me to stand. My 50mm requires me to get down and crouch, too old and stiff for that nonsense. The extended working distance becomes obvious for insect life but I got them for years with the 50mm. Perhaps the percentage of keepers was not as high, I just don't remember. I use a tripod 99% of the time with my 180mm. I used to shoot the 50mm freehand and I still do when I use it. The 50mm is under rated. The Sigma is 1:1, where the Canon is not. The Sigma is sharp, go look at the charts for the Sigma and then the Canon 50f1.8 that everyone likes! Wow shocking isn't it? The Sigma 50mm is 1:1, focuses to infinity and is sharp and it is very reasonable. If someone wants a lens to shoot occational macros I send them that way. The Tamron Sigma and Canon 90 to 105's can't be beat for that focal length. If I were in the market for a dedicated macro lens today I would be ordering the Sigma 150mm. This is all one old timer's ramblings and opinions. Each of us must decide what lens will do the Job. As NHL has stated , there are no bad macro lenses out there!

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Thanks for all your help guys. I did not mean to aggravate you guys. I was just looking for a little insite. As I said earlier, this is going to be my last lens for a while and I just wanted to get the right one. I do want a longer lense so I do not have to be so close to my subject. The HSM will be nice but more than likely I will be useing manual focusing most of the time. The reason for most of the questions was just to see if I really needed to spend $600.00 compared to $350.00. My 150mm Sigma will be delivered tomorrow and I have a 3 day weekend coming up with nice weather. Or at least thats what the meterologist said. So I will post some pics and give a review after the weekend. I really think I made a good choice but I have never had a micro lense before. Except the micro mode on my Olympus C-750 UZ and my old 28-300 Tamron. So I was just trying to soak up as much info as possible. You guys are great and very helpful. Thank you. And that is a great pic with the 180mm.
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arowana wrote:
I have taken many shots that would make there photo look like a work of art. I meant no disrespect.
Someone said it before, 'Macro' is like studio photography, but in miniature - ie lighting is key

Secondly this type of photography requires a tripod -> With a sturdy platform you 'll find that the camera doesn't hunt as much because of your shaking at high magnification - I just want to set your expectation before you return another perfectly fine lens.... :-)
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Not that this will help much, because they were all taken with the Canon 180 macro, but here are a few pictures:

I am very sure that the first two are full-frame shots. No crops to make it look bigger. The last one might have been cropped some, I'm not sure.

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