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And the difference between the 70-200 f4L and the 70-300 IS USM? Can someone explain? There is about a $100 price difference. How are the lenses in terms of weight? Faster focusing? How important is it to have IS? Which one would be faster if I also plan on taking pictures of kids?
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Both the 70-200/4.0 and the 70-300 IS have UltraSonic Motors, and so are each likely to be fast enough for shooting kid's sports. The 70-200/4.0 is bigger and heavier, probably because of its ;arger aperture and the bigger, heavier optical elements that requires. For sports/action, IS isn't important. You need to keep the shutter speed high to prevent motion blur due to subject movement, and that will also take care of the motion blur due to camera shake.

For shooting in daylight, they are both equally capable, but the 70-300 gives you more reach, which is especially important since you'll be shooting from the stands.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Both the 70-200/4.0 and the 70-300 IS have UlreaSonic Motors, and so are each likely to be fast enough for shooting kid's sports. T.
They have different types of USM motors - the 70-300 has micro USM and the 70-200 f4 has ring USM. The F4 will be faster to focus. It's also sharper AND has an extra stop of aperture so you get faster shutter speeds. And even in daytime you'd be amazed how you can need wider apertures. I've shot daytime sports at f2.8 and ISO 800 because of overcast conditions.

But all of that is pointless if you're not close enough for 200mm to be useful. For sports shooting the working range of a 200mm lens is roughly 25 yards, roughly 40 yards for a 300mm lens.
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