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I'm in the position of wanting a dslr and having no lenses on hand nor a brand loyalty. Camera bodies change frequently, so I'm interested in the advantages and disadvantages of Canon vs. Nikon lens sytems. Since, once I commit to a brand, I know I'll have to stay with it for the long haul! So, I'd like to commit to the lens brand that offers the most. I'd be looking at a high quality wide, middle range and long zooms and perhaps a 50-80mm (35mm equiv.) fast prime.
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Both are good. I have been with Canon for over a decade, never failed me once.
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There is basically no difference.

I'm sure if you looked in specific situations (a zoom range or a specific prime) one might have a better one than the other. But there is no consistant rule saying "X is always better than Y." And anyone who says that is probably reacting more on loyality than fact.

Pick a range of focal lenths that really matter and look at those specifically. For me it was long lenses, so I looked and saw that the 600mm f4 IS from Canon was $1,000 USD cheaper than the Nikon... and the nikon didn't have IS/VR. Since the camera bodies were very similar at the time (And those are continuously shifting) I picked Canon.


ps. One advantage that Nikon has is flash. They generally seem to have a better flash exposure system. Canon's got better with ETTL-2, but Nikon's seems to be better from all I read.
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